Let's create the most elegant, aligned, and impactful business and marketing strategy







Let's uncover your 2023 brand strategy. 


Join me in a (quantum) white boarding session, where we pull in your gifts and visions,

my intuitive business strategic skills,

and plant the seeds of expansion, prosperity, abundance, and next level true impact. 


Book Your VIP Visionary Session - $257

My private work with clients, [The Soul Business Makeover Program], is a 3 month minimum commitment /  $12,222 investment. 


This Visionary Session is a one-off opportunity to experience the impact of us working together and map out the way forward for you in your business. 


Is working with me right for you?  


You love your life already, and - you are the greatest work in progress and you love the journey.


You are looking for high level conversations about your next level expansion

You are excited about creating the most aligned and beautiful MASTERPIECE that is your business.


Your values come first:


Marketing must be done in a way that energizes you, not drains you. 


The sales process must honor you and your prospective clients, else you wouldn’t touch it. No ick. 


Your offerings must be impactful and make a difference, not just money. You are here to have true impact and benefit humanity. 


Flexibility, balance, and total freedom creation are non-negotiables.

How do you know we are a match?  

✨ I don’t think you need anyone to tell you - trust your inner authority :). 

Your revenue doesn't matter to me. You could be redoing your business from scratch and at zero, or high 6 or 7 figures ready to tear it down and rebuild...

I'M IVA, and I am a  life and business strategist. 

As a 6/3 splenic projector, I came here with a special gift: to sit with you 1:1 in our little vortex, where two things happen: 

#1: We unearth the most elegant strategy that is a match for who you are. 

#2 In our ongoing work thereafter, we deepen the plan, and begin to work out any disempowering dynamics and energetics that are in the way of truly authentic and aligned leadership and impact. 


I spent the last several years working with hundreds of clients on their high level business strategy, helping them from the masculine container standpoint - creating the perfect structure and system...

And later dove into the understanding of the aspects of creation and manifestation and the wounds, blind spots, and fears that cut the flow and prosperity.