October 28, 2021 | 1pm EDT | 90-Minute Zoom Training

For high-performing business leaders ready to: 

… break their growth plateau

… redesign their business to run it ON THEIR OWN TERMS 

… fall back madly in love with it all 

… forge an INSIDE-OUT FREEDOM and boundless joy

The 3 things you need to TELL THE TRUTH about to activate your manifestation potential

The 3 things you need to RELEASE to dance with divine inspiration again

The 4-step BREAK-FREE protocol to 7 & 8-figure manifestation in under a year

"I had my first 6 FIGURE MONTH within weeks of working with Iva (actually $140k month), WITHOUT ANY AD SPEND. The biggest month up until then was $30k, spending half of it on ads. I could not believe it, but what's even better is the spiritual transformation that has happened. "

Tara Best
Business and Mindset Coach

Hi! My name is Iva Paleckova.


People know me as the single mom who went from food stamps to a 7-figure business with an infant in 18 months. 


I can achieve and over-achieve, but so can you, and you already know it.


You and I both know how to get s*%t t done. You have done it before. You can build a successful business and make money. 


What you REALLY want though, is FREEDOM, getting your inspiration to where it once was, feeling the ZEST of being a business owner, the inspiration, the drive, the joy. 

This is where I love to come in: multi 6 and 7-figure breakthroughs that come from a place of total divine inspiration. 


So...this might give you some hope. :) 


I went from: 

... 60-hour workdays doing it all 

... ‘Relationships? What do you mean? I am a single mom and a business owner, who has time for that?’

... Feeling like if I take my foot off the pedal I am in trouble, as I need to keep up with revenue. 

... “I don’t do burnout for if I did, I would probably be close to it.”

... Being the superwoman and always the top performer. 


To this:

... Building a recurring revenue that allowed me to save for my daughter’s entire college in 3 months. 

.... Working 4 days a week or less, and taking a week off every 4 weeks, to focus on what’s important to me: MY SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION and transformation.

... Living in one of the 5 healthiest, happiest places in the world. Swimming in the ocean in the morning and a little drive up a mountain in the afternoon.

... Inside-out FREEDOM, complete peace-of-mind, and a small, highly collaborative team that has our clients' backs. 


I did it using the 5-step Leaders Break Free (LBF) formula that my clients have used dozens of times to not just create high 5 and 6-figure months, but free themselves INSIDE OUT and manifest the highly unlikely. 


Save my Seat in the 90-Minute Workshop

"As a business coach, I struggled with near zero revenue for 6 months. 2 weeks after working with Iva, I made $50k in my first virtual retreat launching into my business coaching program. Don't miss this... "

Meg Roundell Greene
Business Coach & Consultant

"Since working with Iva, I have had consistent 30-40k launches. "

Lara Grove Waldman
Money mindset coach

"I made $117k my second month with Iva following her method, then another $140k launch followed. "

Prue Blennerhassett
Business Coach for Entrepreneurs

"I had my first 52k revenue month within the first 6 weeks of working with Iva "

Denise Marsh
Women's Empowerment Coach

"I made $30k in my first event using what Iva teaches in this workshop."

Michelle L. Wilson
Money Mindset Coach

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