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"I struggled with near zero revenue for 6 months. 2 weeks after attending the S.E.R.V.E retreat, I made $50k in my first virtual retreat applying what I learned here. Don't miss a day!!"

Meg Roundell Greene
Business And Empowerment Coach

During this 3-day live retreat (and 4 bonus sessions after) I'll reveal how to:

Build massive legacy and scale your sales with 6+ figure virtual retreats

Your retreat scalable offer: create a hyper-transformational high touch group program

Follow the exact step by step roadmap I used to go to $2500/mo to $250k month within 18 months

"I made $117k in my first free 7 day retreat, 6 weeks after attending the S.E.R.V.E. method workshop. It changed my business and my life."

Prue Blennerhassett
Women's Transformation Catalyst

July 19-25 (Mon - Sun), 1-2 EDT Daily










for coaches, consultants, therapists, healers, and service based entrepreneurs who are


sick and tired of throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks, playing small, and are ready to scale their business to multi 6 figures


ready to live 100% aligned with their purpose and


ready to help many achieve groundbreaking results


"I participated in this workshop 4 months ago. It's nothing like I have ever experienced. Since then, I have been able to fill my group program almost with 30 people using the methodology Iva teaches... and made $35 - 40k in each retreat I did!!! "

Lara Grove Waldman
Money mindset coach

"I made $52k in my first retreat using the S.E.R.V.E. method"

Denise Marsh
Women's Empowerment Coach

"I made $30k in my first event using what Iva teaches in this workshop."

Michelle L. Wilson
Therapist and Mindset Coach

"I quit my day job and launched my group program within 5 weeks of the S.E.R.V.E. retreat. Lifechanging! "

Melissa Sherry
Wellness Coach

"I made more money in the 2 months after S.E.R.V.E. retreat then the two years prior. Launched 2 group programs and added 10 new private clients! "

Kelly K Biltz
ADHD Parenting Life Coach

About Iva Paleckova, MBA, your host

I will never forget the day we had our first $500k month in our coaching business, 18 months after barely making $3k a month and struggling to pay the bills.

Going through a hyper-growth as a single mom to a newborn pushed me think outside the box and create strategies that are quite different from anything you will see out there. 

Even though I am a #1 best-selling author and an award winning international speaker, my biggest accomplishment and joy is helping a client after client go from barely clearing 50k a year to 6 figure months while serving many, many people and living in total alignment with their purpose. 


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