Kicking Off November 30, 2020:

Never ask yourself 'how am I going to get to my revenue goal'.


Master A Step By Step, Predictable, 12 Month Roadmap to Launching, Filling, and Running an Online Group and Individual Program


for coaches, consultants, therapists, healers, and service based entrepreneurs who are ready to scale big, live out their purpose and serve many. 


DAY 1: Adopt the 5 pillars of the S.E.R.V.E. formula to scaling through service, purpose, and alignment in everything you do, including marketing and sales


DAY 2: Reverse - engineer your goals and map out what EXACTLY you need to do to reach $250 - $350k in revenue in 12 months! 


✔ DAY 3: Design your signature set up: signature tribe, signature workshop, and signature program that will take you from zero to seven figures 


DAY 4: Take control of your revenues, master our super simple three step process to get 250 people into your next event! (and double it each time) 


DAY 5: Master our 5 secrets your authentic presence on camera to unlock your conversion potential forever!


✔ Bonus sessions: Experience the 5 crucial life changing mindset shifts that will uncap your money mindset! 


This is a workshop you will look back and say 'This was the week my life and business transformed'.

About Iva Paleckova, MBA, your host

Iva is a seasoned entrepreneur, #1 best-selling author, award winning international speaker, and an business coach for therapists, coaches, and healers.


Don't think you could learn from someone like Iva? Think again. On her own journey, she went from rebuilding a business from scratch and $0 revenue to $80,000 weeks less than a year later, as a new single mom with no co-parenting or financial support, developing and using her S.E.R.V.E. method. 


In her past she's owned a 7 figure brick & mortar, a health coaching practice where she put 5000 clients through her online coaching program, managed a team of 20, and 7 figure digital advertising budgets in a fortune 1000. 

"Working with Iva is the best investment I've made! I got my first high paying client within one month of working with her. The program will catapult your business and change your life!"

Gina Stenback
Marketing Strategist

"Want to grow fast? Take this challenge. Iva doesn't mess around, you will see the results!!!"

Cori Chavez
Online marketer, web designer