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Dr. Eva Malanowski
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About Iva Paleckova, MBA, your host

Iva is a 7 figure entrepreneur, #1 best-selling author, award winning international speaker, and an executive coach for entrepreneurs.

As of March 2020, she's a  brand new single mom to Lexi. She is wildly passionate about helping female service based entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants, and moms, to scale their success beyond their wildest dreams. 

In her past she's owned a chain restaurant, a health coaching practice where she put 5000 clients through her online coaching program, managed a team of 20, managed multiple agency teams and 7 figure digital advertising budgets..

But besides being world class small business strategist, Iva is very passionate about mindset and spiritual work being part of the business growth. She took off 8 months in 2019 to travel through 30 states, and focus up to 8 hours a day on spiritual practice and meditation to find the the methods that will help her tribe of entrepreneurs to go past their limits.