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[2 minute share] are you hiding behind making things pretty?

Sep 04, 2020

Are you hiding behind making things pretty?

If you have been spending more than 1 hour a month designing your brand, imagery, and making things pretty, and you aren’t seeing the results, this video might be for you.

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Podcast Episode 35: Habit #2 of 7 figure entrepreneurs

Aug 31, 2020

Habit #2: Maintain positive mindset.

It’s not just what you do, it’s the energy with which you do it.

If you want to achieve results, you have to be working at high frequency.

This is probably the habit that was the most difficult for me to adopt but it is absolutely essential.

Let's dive in!

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Habit #6 of 7 figure earners : Set goals and reverse-engineer

Aug 29, 2020

There are two types of entrepreneurs.

The ones who HOPE to get the results…
and those who track, measure, and set extremely realistic, sustainable, and executable goals.

But for a moment, let’s talk about goal setting. Far too many people do this thing of hope-setting. They say ‘I’m going to make 200,000 this year, and yet, they

Don’t have a clear way of getting there (strategy)
They don’t have the right tools and guidance of getting there (tactics)

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[3 minute tip] is trying to be a smooth speaker getting in your way?

Aug 28, 2020

Is trying to be a ‘smooth presenter’ getting in your way?

Not that long ago I got called out in a high level presentation on my ‘okays’, ‘so’s’, ‘ums’...

Is that a bad thing? Let’s chat about it.

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Podcast Episode 34: Habit #1 of 7 figure entrepreneurs

Aug 27, 2020

Habit #1 of 7 figure earners: Do the right things.

We all know This is about discipline.

This is about what we know to do, rather than what we feel like doing.

And yet… so many times I see entrepreneurs spending their time doing the wrong things that do not lead to growth, and generating revenue.

In this episode I'll teach you how to focus on the important things first, rather than checking the boxes and being 'busy' with stuff that doesn't matter.

Let's dive in!

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Habit #5 of 7 figure earners: long term mindset

Aug 22, 2020

Too many times I see entrepreneurs trying a tactic and giving up two weeks later.

This is how it goes: we fall for the shininess of the tool, we see some magical guru that’s generating a ton of results with that tool.

So we jump on, and 2 weeks later we’re like - oops that didn’t work.

I see entrepreneurs launching a meetup, only a few people come, and they give up.

I see entrepreneurs trying speaking, then do a couple speaking engagements, it doesn’t turn into...

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[3 minute tip]: What's your 5 topic formula for content

Aug 21, 2020

Your content is your brand.

It’s what you become known for.

It’s what problems you will be solving for people.

Before you start creating your content, you need to take a little step back and say ‘okay, what do I want to be known for’?

In this quick tip video I talk about our S.E.R.V.E. formula, and how you can make your own formula and your content brand!

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Podcast Episode 33: The habits of 7 figure entrepreneurs

Aug 17, 2020

Too many times I see people assume that extreme levels of productivity come to successful people naturally.

Not true!

As a single mom, I knew that the person I was before I had my daughter wasn't going to be able to be super productive and still have the life I wanted for us.

In this episode I introduce you to the decisions I made to completely transform my habits for rapid growth and success!

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Podcast Ep. 32: 4 routines for emotional wellbeing

Jul 27, 2020

Week 37 pregnant, when I was launching my year long group program and was about to become a single mom, I made a commitment:

Mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing was going to become a #1 priority in my life.

Without me being at 100% peak performance and be able to execute on single motherhood as well as growing my business to 7 figures as well as being a good friend/daughter/etc, I made a single-minded commitment to my health and wellness.

I want to give you some examples about how...

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Quantum Leap Entrepreneur Michelle Wilson

Jul 26, 2020

This year has been an unpredictable ride, and most of us have had to pivot and shift to keep up!

Quantum Leap Entrepreneur Michelle L Wilson shares her experience with shifting online and taking control of 2020 with the help of QLE!

Want to chat with me to see if Quantum Leaps is what you need to catapult your business success this year? Schedule a call with me at http://bit.ly/DiscoveryCallWithIva

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