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Hitting The Refresh Button

Feb 17, 2021

I wrote this piece of content last week. 

Why? I am on a phone-free 10-day vacation. 

That seems crazy considering:

  1. It’s covid 
  2. I have a 1-year-old 
  3. I am a single mom 
  4. I am in a hyper-growth phase in my business (our last month was almost $300k in sales) 

But how could I possibly do this without disconnecting and taking the time off? 

I couldn’t. 

My business cannot possibly grow without me disconnecting and getting the inspiration that I...

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It's Her Business Podcast 65: Your Scaling Strategy - 1x1 or Group Programs?

Feb 15, 2021

Should you focus on 1x1 or group programs?

  • “I really want to scale but I am really good at 1x1 and not so much the group stuff.”
  • “Okay, I want the group program but how will I gather a bunch of people at once to join a group program? And what if only one joins and they go ‘where’s everyone else?’"
  • “My group (or individual) program seems to be attracting the ‘victimized people’ and they drain my energy... what now?”
  • “I’m...
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Podcast Ep. 64: The Big Lag And Why Your Business Is Months Behind You

Feb 11, 2021
One of my mentors once said on a live stream: “your business is always 3-6 months behind you."
This simple sentence lead to a major awakening.
Yep - there’s a lag.
I’m not failing. It’s just that my efforts have 3-6 months to materialize.
I was working hard consistently but NOT YET seeing the result.
We were testing Facebook ads hard, but NOT YET seeing the results (we had 2 leads a day coming through, and 95% of...
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Podcast Episode 63: 6 -> 7 Figures Without Losing Your Freedom

Jan 18, 2021
This podcast is for those of you who are committed to blowing right past the 6-figure mark (or have already done so) and go towards 7 in 2021 and 2022.
….as well as for those of you who are not there yet so you get a sense of what the future looks like for you.
The biggest downfall of an entrepreneur who has managed to get to $50k-$100k is this: they become the bottleneck in their business.
The idea of going to 7 seems daunting.
Often times they are the...
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Podcast Episode 62: Training Your Team on Lead Gen & Sales

Jan 12, 2021

Are you struggling with lead gen and sales? Are you struggling to find the right people?

Listen to this podcast as we interview Melissa Sherry to learn how we have trained our team on the similarities between coaching and sales.

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SELF TRUST: The Missing Element in Goal Setting

Jan 09, 2021

If I tell you what my vision is for 2034, you will think that I am completely crazy and delusional… but that’s kind of new.  


I used to dream big and accomplish many of my visions (including becoming a US citizen, getting an MBA degree from top 15 university, paying back all school debt in 2 years, etc). 


And then something happened…

I stopped vision casting. 


I failed one too many times and stopped trusting myself. 



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Podcast Episode 49: Prevent The Sabotage Series: The Bother!

Jan 05, 2021

We all want to grow our businesses.

But where almost every entrepreneur will hit a snag is the outreach.
The prospecting.
The reaching out.
The inviting.


“I don’t want to bother people with yet another invite to a Facebook group.”
“I don’t want to be annoying them with 4 emails a week.”
“I don’t want to impose on their feed with my constant live videos.”
“I don’t want to bother my clients by asking them for referrals.”


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Podcast Episode 48: Prevent The Sabotage Series: The Outsourcer!

Dec 28, 2020

Are you sabotaging your business by being the outsourcer?

How do you know: you are looking for an outside opinion or stamp of approval to make moves in your business.

Sometimes, it looks like taking one training after another, but rarely feeling ready to implement and fly on your own. You struggle to allow the flow of your own inspiration when it comes to creating your business.

And you really like to be told what to do.

Other times you feel like how you show up has to look a certain way for...

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The Million And One Reasons Virtual Retreats Work To Convert High-End Clients

Dec 26, 2020

On December 28, I’m doing a big 90-minute live stream where I will be covering the ins and outs of what works about the 7-day retreat model I absolutely love running. 


First, I want to give you a bit of a history of how this came about. I sought training on MANY different launch models from several of the big coaches. Anything between: 

  • 20-minute speaking engagement
  • Pre-recorded 60-minute webinar
  • 4-hour live workshop
  • All the way up to a 10-day live challenge...
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On Motherhood and Entrepreneurship

Dec 24, 2020

This week, we were doing a self-forgiveness exercise in the Quantum Leap Entrepreneur program. 


One of the clients said she needed to FORGIVE herself for pursuing her business goals (which impacted her family.) 


That immediately hit me. That is something I have had to forgive myself for over and over and over. 


It’s literally not possible to be a perfect mom and a perfect business owner. 


If you try to meet the...

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