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It's Her Business Show Ep. 100: My Spiritual Awakening

Jun 09, 2021

Spiritual awakening... I had one but it didn't look like what I thought it would. I imagined fireworks, light, love, and glory all the way.

Instead, it happened by puking into a bucket for 3 nights in a row in agonizing emotional, mental, and physical pain, looking and feeling my worst in the past 30 years, and facing things that are beyond description.

And it so happens to be episode 100 of my podcast! This is highly controversial and not for everyone; I'm just hoping my account survives it....

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Quantum Leap Entrepreneur Denise

May 19, 2021

Do you want to know how Denise launched her empowerment coaching company after 9 years in MLM  and held a $52k retreat after joining the QLE Program? 

Book a consult with my team at https://bit.ly/SERVEconsult and talk about what Quantum Leaps Entrepreneur can do to jump-start your dreams!
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It's Her Business Show Ep. 88: What You Thought Of Financial Security Is Wrong

May 11, 2021

I’ll never forget the day I took a morning walk with a friend and Lexi in a stroller. 

Inspired by a theme of a reality TV show about billionaires, I asked him “If it was a question of life or death of both of your kids, would you be able to make a million dollars in the next 90 days?”

He said "no, you?"

I thought for a second... and reluctantly said "yes." In fact, I knew if I really had to I could do it in a month.

I quickly did the math -- what would it take if...

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The 6 Stages of Stuck

May 07, 2021

Here are the 6 stages of stuck. Where are YOU stuck right now? Where are you not moving through discomfort? 


Stage 1: 

You have been working “behind the scenes” on content. Spending hours on blog posts, emails, even books, or outlines and content for your program. It makes you feel good. You feel productive. But, deep down you KNOW that none of this is going to serve people or scale your business. And the minute you are finished and it’s time to go talk to...

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There's Events... And Then There's Our Events

May 07, 2021

There’s events, and then there are our events - where people actually get real results. 

I teach you EXACTLY what it takes. Unfortunately, people have been made to think it’s EASY to build a 6 and 7-figure business… 

IT’S NOT. It’s hard work, it’s courage, it’s constant investing, constant surrender, and extreme consistency. 

That’s why most people don’t do it. 

But if you are someone who CAN follow through, roll up...

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It's Her Business Show Ep. 87: To 10x Your Business You Must 10x Your Courage

May 05, 2021

If there is one thing that keeps entrepreneurs stuck at the level where they are at, it’s staying safe and playing mental gymnastics to avoid acts of courage.

Here are the 6 stages of discomfort. Where are YOU at right now?

Stage 1:

You have been working "behind the scenes" on content... spending hours on blog posts, emails, even books, or outlines and content for your program. It makes you feel good. You feel productive. But, deep down you KNOW that none of this is going to serve...

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Being The Superwoman

Apr 22, 2021

I always said I was not a perfectionist and that was my strong suit. 

I can get an email out in 5 minutes to my list, and go live with almost no preparation. 

Except there’s one shade of perfectionism that I saw last week: The Superwoman. 

Always trying to look like a success story.

Perhaps I’m not the only one? 

When I looked this thing in the eye, I saw that I was TERRIFIED of looking weak. 

I was terrified of being humiliated. 

Building an 8-figure...

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It's Her Business Show Ep. 81: Multi 7-Figure Leap in 18 Months (What It Took)

Apr 20, 2021

We are at $550k monthly revenue. 18 months ago I was wondering how I was going to pay the bills and my operations manager who was working 10 hours a week. 

People don’t believe me when I say we over 200x’d our revenue in 18 months, and that's okay. 

In today’s episode, I want to break this down for you but before I go there let me make one thing clear. 

This isn’t about the money. 

This is about the transformation that happens for me personally,...

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It's Her Business Show Ep. 79: Your Week Off = The Hardest Work You Will Ever Do

Apr 15, 2021
I have miscommunicated big time with our clients, and with you. Let me set the record straight here.
Here it goes.
Week 8 is NOT a week off.
It’s not a week of relaxing, doing nothing, and binge-watching television.
Week 8 is the hardest work you will do of the 8 weeks.
It’s the inner work where you put the past in the past, heal as much as you can, and receive inspiration for the following 8 weeks.
Hear more details on this...
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Am I a Copy Cat?

Apr 01, 2021

Another controversial post from me, but believe me, not for the sake of controversy. 

If you told me two weeks ago I would be writing this, I would probably throw up.

And no, I am not going to call you out for being a copy-cat... so relax. 

I’m not in the "calling people out" business. (That’s 170 on the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness - if you want to know… not a good energy.) 

Today I am sitting here, 30 pounds lighter, after a...

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