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5 keys to running an effective live stream

Mar 22, 2020

So many times I see entrepreneurs running a live stream that is straight up PAINFUL to watch, and wonder why they have no audience.

Quite frankly, I am not a live streaming expert by any means. I avoided live streaming for the longest time, but I want to share with you the bits that I have learned.

Key #1: Kick it off strong!!

No babbling at the beginning.

Even as you are waiting for people to join, immediately start with what you will be talking about, the 3 key results people will get and...

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Strategy through the recession and coronavirus - lets go!!

Mar 20, 2020

What can we do as entrepreneurs to lead the way and thrive during the upcoming recession?

First off, we can't give into the fear if we're going to keep growing and thriving. It's not time to scale back, decrease prices, or stop moving forward.

Join us in the It's Her Business community on Facebook to see all the live trainings and content we're putting together to show you exactly what to do to not just survive in this tough economy but actually GROW and THRIVE!

Find us at ...

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[4 minute video training] The TWO key platform concept and why it's important

Mar 20, 2020

Audience building 101: You need TWO key platforms where you will share your content. In this video I will share with you why this is so important.

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Mar 19, 2020

We are pivoting, and so should you!

Last night I went live to address what’s happening out there. Businesses are crumbling, entrepreneurs are pulling back (even online entrepreneurs and coaches!! what???), saying, ‘I feel bad profiting from the coronavirus,’ contributing to the upcoming recession.

We, as entrepreneurs, have a RESPONSIBILITY to LEAD and contribute to the solution.

You have a responsibility to SERVE SERVE SERVE!

You as an entrepreneur have a...

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Podcast Episode 15: How to create inspiring content

Mar 16, 2020

I preach systems all the time. Content batching, content repurposing, working with VA’s, hiring a team, automation, and so on so forth.

There is one pitfall, though, you don’t want to fall into.


Find out more on today’s podcast!

I recently found this out the hard way. Every time content creation turns into a task on my to-do list, a chore, it falls flat.

If I am not inspired and not sharing from the heart, it falls flat. No one takes...

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Are you sabotaging yourself in business?

Mar 15, 2020

The game of self sabotage is real. It shows up whenever we are about to to past a ceiling... in love, joy, attitude, business..

The ego doesn’t want us to reach our full potential.

Why are we here... to transcend levels of consciousness, let go of the ego, reach our full potential, and serve others and God.

The mind isn’t all about it.

My go-to self sabotage is through emotional pain, mostly. Get upset.

I see people around me do it through injuries, ‘accidents’,...

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[5 minute video training] What you need before you start working on your signature program

Mar 13, 2020

I pulled out a piece of a training I normally only provide to my private VIP clients to help answer some questions about what to think about before you create your signature program. Enjoy!!

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Visibility Bootcamp Show - Designing a business that fits your lifestyle

Mar 12, 2020

I love owning a coaching & consulting business. It has made so many things possible I am so so so thankful for in the past two years.

It allowed me to travel the country, visit 30 different states, probably a 100 different state and national parks…

.. And then, transition everything online when I got pregnant…

Now, it’s allowing me to be a single mom, be home with my sweet beautiful Lexi, and serve my clients when she sleeps.

Anything is possible with service based...

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3 weeks to go! Lead Generation 10 day Profit Lab - Are You Registered?

Mar 11, 2020

I cannot be more excited about what’s coming.
5 days of teaching and 5 days of bonuses in our FREE challenge: Lead Generation Profitlab!!!
Who is it for:
coaches, consultants, and service based entrepreneurs looking to scale beyond 6 figures
Kicking Off March 30, 2020.

Register here: https://www.ivapaleckova.com/profitlab

What you are going to get:
Learn how to FILL YOUR ONLINE AUDIENCE with high level leads
Learn to POSITION YOURSELF as a magnetic leader, and GRAB AND HOLD your...

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Podcast Ep. 14 Is Here! The mindset reset

Mar 09, 2020

Here’s something that we haven’t talked about in a minute. Your mindset.

Now you are going ‘oh I already know this. Affirmations, negative beliefs, all that.

“I ALREADY KNOW THIS” is one of ego’s biggest defenses.

I will assert, this..

If you are not reaching your 2020 revenue goals…
The economy isn’t to blame.
The customers aren’t to blame..
The circumstances aren’t to blame.

You aren’t on track manifesting what you should...

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