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Habit #2: Maintain positive mindset

Jul 25, 2020

It’s not just what you do, it’s the energy with which you do it.

When you write a piece of content, how you feel writing it and sending it- people gonna feel it. Including DM. You gotta be responsible for your mindset. Therefore, if you want to achieve results, you have to be working at high frequency.

This is probably the habit that was the most difficult for me to adopt but it is absolutely essential.

We must not juice our negativities. Many of you read the book ‘the big...

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[7 minute tip] Create all your content in hour and half a week

Jul 25, 2020

In this quick tip video I want to share with you exactly the process I use to create tons of content in less than 2 hours a week to really drive my business forward.

I will share with you
What your weekly content block looks like
What are the pieces of content to make
My step by step piece by piece strategy to making 10 pieces all at once.

Let’s dive in!

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The Bootcamp: A-Z on content, part 2

Jul 24, 2020
Who's ready to dive back in to content?
Iva and I both LOVE creating content, but believe it or not we don't spend a ton of time doing it.
Last week Iva talked about personal branding and some mindset shifts around content, but now she's off having fun in a national park, so she's passed the baton to me! Let's talk about how you really can create a ton of super valuable content in a remarkably short amount of time!
There's a worksheet ready for you! Go grab it and...
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Podcast Ep. 31: Daily goal setting to $32k/mo

Jul 20, 2020

To get to your goals you actually need a clear plan.

‘Putting stuff out there’ and ‘hoping that people will notice’ and come is a recipe for failure in today’s world where you have hundreds of thousands of people in your space competing for attention.

In this episode I discussed the activity and math based approach that I use to guarantee results in my business.


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Quantum Leap Entrepreneur Kelly Biltz

Jul 19, 2020

"I am on day 60 of QLE and I have 10 new private high ticket clients, an 8 month ($4k) group program with 5 people in it, a team, and a tribe of 300. Joining QLE was the best business decision I have ever made."

- Kelly K Biltz, ADHD Success Coach

Want to talk about whether Quantum Leaps Entrepreneur might be the best business decision you can make right now?

Hop on a discovery call to get your questions answered: https://www.ivapaleckova.com/offers/woCLRCec

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Habit #1 of 7 figure earners: Do the right things.

Jul 18, 2020

We all know This is about discipline.

This is about what we know to do, rather than what we feel like doing.

This is about doing the important things first, rather than checking the boxes and being ‘busy’ with stuff that doesn’t matter.

And yet… so many times I see entrepreneurs spending their time doing the wrong things that do not lead to growth, and generating revenue.

(... and then complaining about being too busy)

(not judging, been there too many times!)


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The Bootcamp: A-Z on content, part 1

Jul 17, 2020

AHHH content! One of my favorite topics.

AND... it is your opportunity to serve. to REALLY serve. And.. scale of course! Creating content my absolutelly favorite thing to do!

But so many times people treat it as a chore. Whomp whomp I have to go write some posts.

So many times my clients ask: How do I know what’s a good topic for my next live?

How should I organize my content?

What should I talk about?

What will work to help me get clients?

What’s the balance of making offers vs....

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Your content gameplan A-Z

Jul 16, 2020

So many times my clients ask: How do I know what’s a good topic for my next live? 

How should I organize my content? 

What should I talk about? 

What will work to help me get clients? 

What’s the balance of making offers vs. just serving? 


That and everything else is what we covered in this week’s Bootcamp! 

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Podcast Ep. 30: The levels of hiding

Jul 13, 2020

So many times I see entrepreneurs not getting the results that they want because they are doing the WRONG STUFF.

Focusing on colors, logos, playing with Canva, website at the beginning stages… instead of focusing on what’s important.

But it isn’t just the beginning stages. I recently got myself caught in my own hidingness.

Let’s talk about the levels of hiding in different stages of growth!

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Marketing Chat: What are you focusing on?

Jul 10, 2020

Let's chat! What are you focusing on when you plan your social media?

Do you use your content mostly to work the algorithms and promote your events, or do you use it mostly as a springboard to conversations with potential clients?

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