You Are Perfect The Way You Are

“You are perfect the way you are.”
You want to believe it but you don't. Not really.
The more conscious and aware you get, the more you know your flaws, the harder it gets.
Personal growth seems to make it harder rather than easier.
Now you can see it... and you just hate it. You wish all the bullshit would just go away.
There is a key piece of information you are missing.
Your inherent innocence.
I saw the part of me that was so wrapped up in impressing everyone. Who just wanted to prove she was wanted. Who had carefully constructed an identity to prove that she was wanted, that she belonged.
The degrees, the revenues, the evolution, the adoration of clients, the superwoman image, all of it.
I was frustrated with her. “Does everything have to be about you? I'm trying to be unconditionally loving here. Can you not be a narcissist for like 10 minutes and stop obsessing over how other people view you?”
She took me to show me what she was protecting me from. All the way to the crib. Mom was busy. The baby made up it was not okay to want things. Her needs were undesirable. The baby began to separate from her soul.
Later she figured out if she just has no needs and is perfect, she would not be a nuisance.
She is innocent.
And so are you.
This is ALL by design and happened to all of us.
Everyone separated from their soul and everyone made decisions to keep themselves safe and fed.
There is a selfish self-image obsessed narcissist within each of us (explicit or repressed), and we are all innocent in being so it's the human condition.
No point in thinking you should be the exception.
You would be pretty weird in fact, if you are so-called perfect.
You would be in the wrong dimension. This is where we go to separate and forgive our sins, which never happened in the first place, because this IS by design and we are innocent.

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