Why I Chose Death As My Intention For The Rest of 2021

Uncategorized Dec 15, 2021
We have been through a lot as an entrepreneurial community. Many, many entrepreneurs are at the end of their rope and ready to burn it down and get their day job back.
Don't quit yet. This is the metamorphosis phase.
And it requires death of the old. Or, turning yourself into a goo, whichever way you would like to go.
The vast majority of the marketing tactics that worked in 2020 don’t really work anymore - but it isn’t about the tactics at all.
It’s so much needed transition.
People are smarter. They smell agenda from distance.
Many don’t want to get on sales calls.
If they want to buy from you, they want to decide that on their own terms without sales pressure.
If they talk to you they want it to be a human-to-human conversation.
They don’t want to attend your free events unless they actually know it’s gonna be worth their time and not a 7-day pitch fest with a bunch of withheld information and time wasted.
They want to know how to work with you because more than ever they realize the importance of transformation. But they don’t want to jump through 898784 hoops and loops to get the info on how to work with you.
This all is beautiful and is forcing us to leave our agendas at the door.
But most importantly, people can’t be bothered with inauthenticity. They want to work with a human person. An authentic, real deal, person.
And that's really, really good news too. That means you can let go.
They don’t care about your certifications and stamps. They want to know that you have been through your inner hell and you made it out alive.
The women I look up to and respect deeply have made really bad mistakes and tough choices, walked through shame, public exile, rock bottoms deeper than you can imagine, but came through it with humility and willingness to hold space for those of us who follow.
So for my intention for the last days of 2021, I set a very different intention than you might think.
I chose death.
I asked and prayed for the courage to SEE, and DIE EVERYTHING that does not belong to 2022.
Aspects of me, my brand, and my business that don’t belong.
I asked multiple clients to leave, released others.
I was terrified. So. Frikin. Terrified. How will I sustain my staff and my family? What if this doesn't stop? What if there is more to purge?
I shut down our company IG profiles except one and did heavy-duty cleanup.
I shut down the S.E.R.V.E. method retreats (business scaling content). I LOVED the method, but - it’s a zone of genius for me, not a zone of magic. And there’s a difference.
I launched a new concept, the Break Free Process, a free inner journey experience (beta version happening in January).
Old mission: Do a lot, make 6 and 7 figures, and hopefully be happy because you have the money (but time has shown that it doesn't turn out that way. đŸ˜ƒ)
New mission: Your CEO metamorphosis, because that is kind of the only thing that matters.
So, so much pushback!
I call it metamorphosis because it literally is turning everything that doesn’t belong into a goo in a cocoon, so you can be a butterfly.
It takes SO MUCH courage to metamorphose.
For most of my life, I was the caterpillar trying to install wings.
That's not a transformation.
2021 has been a year of purging and turning it all into goo.
The old does have to die if you are going to re-birth your business and really, really thrive.
Where do you start?
Some crazy difficult questions. And if the answers don’t push you, you aren’t doing the work.
  1. The stuff I am teaching, is this in my zone of magic? Because there’s a difference between a zone of genius and a zone of magic. You can be GOOD at something, really good, but if it’s no longer your purpose, eventually you are either going to end up broke again or feeling like crap, or both.
  2. Do you need the courage to release some clients?
  3. Do y need the courage to release some team members?
  4. Do you need the courage to release aspects of your program, or your program altogether?
  5. Do you need the courage to change your launch strategy?
And then there is you. To be authentic, you need limitless freedom of self-expression. You need to die everything that’s holding back from your most glorious, authentic, expression. The questions to ask are:
  1. What are you afraid if people knew about you, they wouldn’t work with you?
  2. Do you believe that you have to show up a certain way, or say /deliver certain things, for people to like you/want to work with you?
This stuff isn't easy!!
But there is freedom on the other side of it.

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