Why being clear matters

Uncategorized Dec 21, 2017

I made the video above so I won’t go into a whole lot of detail on this topic. I was leading or helping with some events recently and what was always striking to me was when we asked people ‘what had you be here’, now many would answer ‘oh, my friend brought me here’, or ‘I don’t really know’, or some kind of other disempowered answer.

When you are CLEAR, you insert your intention into everything. You don’t get dragged into events by a friend.

So what does it mean to be clear?

1. Knowing who you are and the difference you are out to make in the world.

And so many people have NO CLUE who they are for the world and what they want. (or rather, they tell themselves they have no clue).  

When you are unclear on who you are, what you want, and how you are out to make a difference, you go into a state of distractions. Buying more, acquiring more, better house, affairs, Netflix.

Now, you also have to be watchful for unclarity that is caused by fear or rejection/failure or  unwillingness to get out of comfort zone. ‘I don’t know what I want so I will keep watching netflix’ was kind of a thing with me in the past, waiting for the inspiration to show up. You CAN generate your vision, and expand on it. And as woo woo as it is, making a vision board does exactly that. Some of you will tear out a picture and you will still have no idea why you liked that picture because you are really resisting being clear on what you want and want to avoid action indefinitely.

2. Holding your vision front and center.

Your circumstances will come at you. Your own thoughts and feelings will come at you. When you are afraid, or when you are failing. Especially when you are failing, you will trick yourself into thinking that whatever that is you are failing at isn’t important to you any more.

3. Saying no to stuff.

Distractions especially. Drama. Netflix. Time sucks. Dinner invites from people you don’t care about.

4. Getting straight with yourself.

This one is the hardest. This means getting quiet. Insightful. Separated from your thoughts and feelings and getting how RIDICULOUS and UNREAL your thoughts are.  This is a bit advanced but I also trust that if you are reading this you already have some level of awareness. Bottom line, you are not your thoughts and feelings, or your likes or dislikes, but that is for you to discover. Now I know most people base their decisions on what the think or feel about something. That’s the norm. I invite you to consider that your thoughts and feelings are mostly automatic. Be entertained by it, appreciate it, but don’t base your life’s decision on it. Get CLEAR about what’s important to you and how you are out to make a difference in the world and then align your decisions with that.

About getting straight with yourself: I shared in a detail in the video, but I have tricked myself into justifying a lot of stuff that I am not proud of during the last 5 months of negotiating divorce finances with Sam. I was totally justified and talking to myself a lot about how much money he makes and how much money I don’t make and I didn’t get straight with myself until 2 days ago. Fortunately it was timely enough for us to still redo the divorce agreement to be fair to him. So we re-filed today. And who knows, maybe I’ll discover something again, some part of me that’s being completely inauthentic and we’ll have to refile again. This is what getting clear means. Getting straight with yourself.

By the way, I think at this point there’s only 1 or 2 spots left at the Create Your Vision Board Workshop on January 1. It’s a full day event. If you are interested in this one or the ones coming up, and getting clear on 2018, please email me right away and I’ll send you the info.




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