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Uncategorized Nov 14, 2018

“There is a book in everyone.”

Right. Everyone, but not me. I was CONVINCED that I didn’t have that much to say, much less a whole book.

Driving to my book writing retreat, I still had no clue what the hell I was gonna write about.

And then I decided to trust the process. Let the guidance come in, put my butt in a chair and just start writing.

Guess what. Two and a half days later I had a book. Three months later, just 3 days after my book launch, my book made #1 best-selling status on Amazon.

Does that mean a whole hell of a lot? NO! I am NOT a NY Times Bestseller. I do NOT sell millions of copies. And the chances are, neither will you.

BUT, what having a book gives you that you really need is INSTANT credibility. It opens doors. It makes it possible to become a speaker. It makes people listen to you no matter how inexperienced you are at speaking.

So in the video today, I am giving you a quick FREE training on how to write a best selling book - IN ONE WEEKEND!


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