Time To WAKE UP -- Part 2

Uncategorized Dec 15, 2021

Part 2. 

We have been walking asleep. 

Now what? :-P  

The pain that we are experiencing. The emotional rollercoaster, the sickness, the pressure, the stress.. is the pain of having prayed to false gods and aligning with inauthentic values. 

If you have made it to this point and you had a moment when you said “SHIT. I have been deceiving myself and others my whole life.” huge congratulations. 

What’s the big deceit? 

You know, some people believe that flying into a building and killing a bunch of people is going to take them to heaven. 

We think it’s weird. 

But we think we have our values right. 

No, we’re just somewhere else on the scale of lost and found. 

We are ignorant and completely innocent. 

No sin is even possible. You just don’t know what you don’t know yet. 

I’m no different. I’m lost in so many ways I haven’t even seen yet. I’m sure this post will be cringe-worthy a year from now, you know what I mean? :D 

(I HOPE it will be cringe-worthy {in the most self-compassionate way.} I hope my eyes open wider and wider.) 

Where have we gone wrong then? 

#1. We think if we can line all of our ducks in a row, assure complete certainty and security, and feel in control of life, we will reach a state of happiness. 

(We chase certainty.)

#2. We think that if we get everyone to approve of us, agree with us, like us, love us, admire us, respect us, life will be fabulous. 

(We chase validation.)

#3. We think that if we stand out, be unique, different, and special, do more, be more, have more impact, we will be at the top of the mountain. 

(We chase status.) 

#4. We think if we just figure out the right way to be, follow the right people, have the right opinions, think the right things, be part of the right circles, be in the right room, we’ll get there. 

(We chase getting to heaven.)

#5. We create a system of hierarchy of bad, good, better, best, and sort people on our ladder. We evaluate, grade, and compare. And then we do the same thing to ourselves. Size 2 is better than size 13. 

10,000 followers are better than 500. 

Achieved is better than lazy. 

(We one-up.) 

And without questioning we have bought into some interesting thing. For example:

That super-productivity, achievement, doing, and being more, is good. Are we sure about that? 

That good parents should keep their kids from struggling. Are we sure about that? 

That education and knowledge are important to success, and success is important. Are we sure about that? 

That climbing the social ladder is what to strive for. Are we sure about that? 

Now, women should be more feminine and slow down and men should be more masculine. Are we sure about that? 


We have been walking asleep. Instead of discerning and questioning, we have been looking to others to give us the answers. 

They must have figured it out.

Welp - most of them haven’t. 

I mean, look at us, funny humans: 

We are injecting ourselves with toxic stuff to heal our bodies.  

We poison ourselves with processed food to soothe our feelings. 

We jump from one bad relationship to another in search of completion.

Some people fly airplanes into buildings to “get there.” 


I have watched my dad spend his lifetime dreading calling his abusive mother, just because he thought he should. Wishing he would just stop shoulding himself... (and almost every time it was an utter disaster.) 

I went to try yoga over and over, just because I thought I should, and just didn’t get it. 

I tried to potty train Lexi when she was 18 months to no avail, just because I thought I should. 

I have maintained friendships, just because I thought I should. 

Life became a set of made-up rules and doing things that sounded good, but were they really aligned? 

Valuing what everyone values, just because - if this is what other people think and do, it must be true. 

Time to wake up, and start realigning.


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