The only rule of running a 5D business is…

Uncategorized Feb 16, 2022


And that is the hardest thing we will ever do.

But I think, the most important commitment a business owner can ever make is to -  follow the heart at. all. cost. (yes, at all cost, even if it means risking it all and it not working out.)

For me, this is what this has meant just this past week:

✨ When the heart says bring this person on the team, you do that even if it seems, well, rather crazy (done in the last week, welcome Mikee to the dream team extreme!)

✨ When the heart says 'work with this coach', you do that, even if it makes no sense to be in their program and you are nowhere near qualified to be in it (also done in the last week, joined Christina Schwind's program to break through my intuitive 4D lenses and who knows what adventures await, but I am excited!!)

 You share the things you know will get people to unsubscribe (done in the last week, another podcast episode about plant medicine - this time talking about Kambo, oh boy!)

✨ You tell people who work for you that you love them, however unprofessional that sounds. (Getting more comfortable doing that.)

✨ When the heart says this person isn't aligned, however amazingly qualified they may be, you release them (done in the last week.)

Freedom means never compromising our hearts and our souls.


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