The Million And One Reasons Virtual Retreats Work To Convert High-End Clients

Uncategorized Dec 26, 2020

On December 28, I’m doing a big 90-minute live stream where I will be covering the ins and outs of what works about the 7-day retreat model I absolutely love running. 


First, I want to give you a bit of a history of how this came about. I sought training on MANY different launch models from several of the big coaches. Anything between: 

  • 20-minute speaking engagement
  • Pre-recorded 60-minute webinar
  • 4-hour live workshop
  • All the way up to a 10-day live challenge model. 


… it took us a while, and our latest numbers are a $114k launch (and still counting as people are still trickling in at a higher price point, so we are looking at $140k, plus future renewals, referrals, etc. - so the impact of this simple 7-day retreat is closer to $300k). 


For those of you guys who want the bottom line, here ya go:

  • Support needed for this - about 35 hrs/week total (so that’s less than 1 FT person!) 
  • FB ad spent - $3,600 to promote this (and please know, we have done up to $80k launches with ZERO ad spend so it is not required.) 


What this required on my end: 

  • Keeping my energy high (tons of self-care, 2 walks and 1 jog a day, lots of hydrating, meal prep ahead of time, and so on) 
  • Working over the weekend (9-hour days all week - normally I work a LOT less) 
  • And having a lot of fun. 


Why does this work: 

#1. Because there is SO MUCH VALUE delivered.  

#2. The sales portion of it is so clean, so upfront, and I make sure to warn people before I pitch so they can choose to stay or go. 

#3. Because I EARN their trust and business so much. 


Make sure you join us on the 28th. It’s going to be LIVE in the It's Her Business Facebook group: 


Can’t wait to see you!



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