The Art Of Sales: InterestED over InterestING

Uncategorized Mar 06, 2021


We teach building relationships over DM with your prospects. Why? It works. Building your business is all about people. 


But we also get a lot of pushback - all the time. 


“DMing doesn’t work for me...” 

“Cold outreach is out of alignment for me...” 


I have heard this over and over again. 

I get it.


Noone wants to cold-pitch to their friends and have them never respond to you again. 


So how is it that our clients close $30k/$50k/$100+k/month in sales in the DM? 




Being real and asking the right questions. 


The wrong way to do DM: 

❌  What questions do you have about my programs? 

❌  How can I help with your business? 


The right way to DM: 

✅  What inspired you to take on the spiritual journey? 

✅  What motivates you get out of bed and train every day? 


You see the difference? The first one is clearly not about them at all; it’s about you. 

The second one takes you into their world. 


Practice being interested over interesting!

Happy DMing my friends :)


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