The 5 Quick Fixes to Uplevel Your Presence on Camera

Uncategorized Nov 21, 2020
Since we started going live, less than a year ago, we have generated multi-six figures of ON CAMERA SALES.

I did not have to go anywhere, sit through networking meetings, book speaking engagements, and in many cases even do a consult.

But what it took of me was a very steep learning curve.

Today I want to give you 5 rules to improve your presence on camera:
  1. DO NOT WORRY if people will watch or comment. Way too many times people don’t go live as often as they should because they are so scared that no one will watch and comment. If no one does, no one does! So what?
  2. Lighting is the king. Invest $50 into a ring light and get it set up. Make sure the environment you are in and what people see on camera is lifting them up!
  3. Either go live straight from your phone or use StreamYard to simulcast into all your different platforms. Don’t go live from your computer by logging into Facebook in your browser - it tends to not work well at all.
  4. Dive right in; don’t wait for people to show up. Jump immediately with the title of your live stream and start talking. Realize that most people will be watching the replay and if you don’t drive right in, they will jump right out.
  5. Don’t assume people don’t want to engage. If they don’t, it’s probably because they have not been invited to and they don't know if it’s okay! Use engagement prompts all the time to get people talking.
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