Stop Juicing The Money Stuff

Uncategorized Feb 02, 2020

Last weekend I was thinking really hard about what was going to make a difference for our Quantum Leaps Entrepreneur class,  as well as for our It’s Her Business community.

Quite frankly, there were about 15 people who came to me who said I SO want to be in your program and I am so scared to spend the money/ cant afford it/  and so on. 

Sounds familiar? I bet you get that from your potential clients all the time. 

Disheartening? Absolutely. You see so much possibility for that person, so much future, and what’s stopping them is fear dressed up as money. 

And if it’s stopping them, I am going to assert that it is stopping you. 

So, in order to transform that in your business, What’s needed is a complete, and and total shift in abundance mindset. 

Out of fear, into daily appreciation and gratitude. 

I will be totally and completely honest and a little bit raw.  I ain’t got this figured out and there are times I fall back into my old patterns. 

This is something I, myself, have to work on day-in, day-out. 

Abundance is a DECISION. 

Decision to turn around the lack and scarcity based thinking. 

Decision to stay in courage and keep investing into the things I KNOW are going to work and I am scared to invest in anyway. 

Be it money, be it the time we put into social selling, or FB ads, or new team member.

Decision to completely disallow thoughts of scarcity and fear no matter how low things get in the bank account. And to process any feelings of fear. 

To trust completely and believe that it is absolutely possible to build a 7 figure coaching business as a single mom, and not just so that I can say I did it, but because it will take SO MUCH transformation for my end, and that level of transformation is going to rub off on a whole lot of  people. 

I realize that I have always had a lingering financial anxiety. At every point, every stage in my life, no matter where I was financially… 

And yet, I wouldn’t be doing it if I wasn’t getting something out of it, right? The question is WHAT do we get out of juicing the $$ worries!

I have had some wild ups and downs. Not as wild as some people I know, but still.. 

There was a time I had $20 in my pocket, moved to the US, with one suitcase (could not afford a second one). 

There was a time I could not afford more than eating ice berg lettuce and frozen pizza from a communal fridge  for a month and a dear friend offered a place to stay. 

There was a time I could not get a student loan for my second year of my grad program and was about 3 weeks from getting kicked out of the country.. 

There was a time my accountant called me and said ‘hey you don’t have enough money for paychecks and all your credit cards are maxed out’...

And then there was the time she said ‘well, you are indebted $778,000 to your landlord. 

Then, there were the times…. 

… when I went from 0 to $14,000 in revenue in a new coaching business the next month in one speaking engagement 

… my company went from $550k to $1.1 million in revenue within 3 months

… when I scheduled 35 speaking engagements in one week 

… times when I wrote one page letter and was awarded a 75% scholarship to a top 15 MBA program in the country

… when I generated $38k of coaching income revenue in a month after a month of $998 

So the difference is… 

I have always been a hard worker and can get stuff done.. That doesn’t change.

And no, you can’t manifest stuff sitting on the couch and doing nothing.

But, hard work coming out of lack and fear, no matter how hard it is, produces very, very slow and forced results.  Yes you will survive, but barely. 

The biggest difference is… honestly…  THE MINDSET WORK, having coaches, and CONSTANTLY flooding my brain with inspiration. 


That means NOT allowing any sort of  money based fear and nipping it in the butt (by processing it, but more about that at some other point) when it arrives. 

Waking up and first thing… gratitude for what is coming to me.


You must, must, must, become religiously obsessed with letting go and not juicing ANY thoughts of ‘I have no options’, ‘I am broke’, ‘This isn’t going to turn out anyway’, at ANY point… any time of the day… any day.. 

.. and instead commit, wholeheartedly, to adopting a mindset of extreme abundance. 

If you have not, PLEASE join our tribe, It’s Her Business on Facebook.

Our comment is to flood your mind with the food it needs to have that shift, week in, week out. 




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