SELF TRUST: The Missing Element in Goal Setting

Uncategorized Jan 09, 2021

If I tell you what my vision is for 2034, you will think that I am completely crazy and delusional… but that’s kind of new.  


I used to dream big and accomplish many of my visions (including becoming a US citizen, getting an MBA degree from top 15 university, paying back all school debt in 2 years, etc). 


And then something happened…

I stopped vision casting. 


I failed one too many times and stopped trusting myself. 


I knew I could not keep the promises I gave to myself. 


But 2020 turned things around for me. 


I got my confidence back and I learned a key factor in visioning and vision casing: SELF TRUST. 


My visions are nuts because I trust myself again. 


I know myself as someone who does the s**t I said I would do. 


But it took re-building a skill that I lost… the skill of discipline. 


In order to trust yourself, you have to sort of prove to yourself that you CAN do the things you promised yourself you would do and that takes one thing more than anything else: discipline and willingness.


It sounds kind of… not fun, right? 


We went into business so we could be doing whatever we want, no one would tell us what to do, we would have all the freedom... 


The truth is, I have fallen completely in love with discipline around my calendar. 


Why? It is EXACTLY what gives me the freedom in my business. 


This morning I woke up and I was having a ton of anxiety in my stomach and feeling unsettled. 


I realized I didn’t have my weekly intentions and time blocks done for the week and it’s Monday. 


So I sat down and I time blocked exactly what is going to happen exactly when, with ample buffer times, ample unscheduled times, lots of fun time, and I felt great again. 


Then I reviewed my annual calendar, all the events in 2021, all the weeks off I am taking, what personal and spiritual retreats I will be participating in during those days off, and what trips Lexi and I will be taking. 


Then I reviewed my revenue goals, and what’s the team training support, registrations that we need to generate, and everything else that needs to happen. 


Then I reviewed my personal manifesto, 30-year plan, and my 2021 plan. And I feel really, really good again. 


But that is because to me, it’s not just planning. Unlike in 2017 and 2018, I can trust myself to do these things. 


Freedom and discipline is one and the same to me. I feel at ease because of my commitment to my calendar and discipline. 


When it says on the calendar that I am supposed to be doing lead generation, I’m doing lead generation. 


When it says on my calendar that there’s a 3-hour time block to coach people, I coach 6 people back-to-back in half hour sessions. 


When it says on my calendar that I’m supposed to be doing a content block, I’m doing what I’m doing right now, writing content. 


Discipline is a surrender to the vision. It’s surrendering to the soul’s purpose on an hour-by-hour basis instead of letting the ego decide hour-by-hour what it wants to do. 


And that is extremely fulfilling to me.


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