Sales: Have you stopped trusting yourself?

Uncategorized Feb 16, 2020

Tackling sales.. Have you stopped trusting yourself?

A while ago I had a discovery session with a potential client. A very successful entrepreneur who has owned her own brick and mortars, is expanding to multiple locations, has developed an amazing system, and wants to help others.

She has a program to replicate what she has done in her business, that will help others accelerate their revenue by $400,000.

The package costs peanuts for the ROI that’s in it.


Still, she hasn’t sold a single package at full price.

So… maybe she’s just not the kind of person people would buy from, you think?

Nope, not it.

She is beautiful and charming.

She is exceptionally bright, articulate, and charismatic.

She does have the proof of concept.

She has something that has a HUGE palpable provable best case ROI on the investment. 5000x ROI. How many of us can say that???

She is willing to work hard. She has knocked on the doors, done the cold calling, done the speaking in front of tens of the perfect ideal clients.

She has done the discovery sessions.

And nothing has manifested.

So…………….. what then?

It isn’t about the obvious outside stuff you see.

Taking business off the ground and selling your service take a GIGANTIC SPIRITUAL LEAP.

I thought, hmm. I could give her 10 tactics to do to build her audience, connect with the right people on IG, Linkedin, fill Facebook group with her ideal clients, start a Meetup group, advertise workshops through FB ads, run opt-in ads on Facebook selling a preview of her formula, but what difference is it going to make?

The ego-mind has its own mind. It will make up many, many reasons why we won’t succeed.

It uses past failure as evidence that we won’t indeed.

“I talked to 10 doctors and they all said they didn’t have the money or time”. Something like that.

She is expecting a ‘no’ going into every conversation at this point.

She’s lost trust.

Sounds familiar? THIS IS one of the KEY reasons entrepreneurs fail in the first year.

They stop trusting themselves. They stop believing that it is going to work out.

Or, they double-down and work harder. With no results.

They get 5 or 6 no’s and then instead of believing there will be a ‘yes’.. They give up. Or they keep trying and pushing but they are manifesting more ‘no’s’.

They are emotionally exhausted, they can’t take another no.

So they start searching for the next ‘flashy new object’, a technology, or platform, that would magically protect them from the rejection or failure.

None of it will work, if the mindset has not changed.

And truth to be told, after a few months of heavy negative ego programming filled with rejection, and disappointments, it comes to a point where it literally takes an ARMY to turn the mindset around.

It takes literally FLOODING the brain with with POTENTIALITY.

Podcasts, audiobooks, masterminds..

For me, I listen to my coach’s podcast religiously every day to get into the ‘abundance frequency’ and out of the ‘past failure frequency’.

(Because trust me, I have hundreds if not thousands of failures under my belt)

Then it takes some intense work on your end, clearing out the rejection muck!

So how do you clear all that?

First, adopting a completely different mindset around ‘no’.

Every sales conversation must become a learning ground for the next one.

You have to get to this: Every ‘no’ gets you closer to the next ‘yes’, as long as you are learning.

Every failure gets you closer to a success.

The ego mind isn’t all about that, it keeps trying to put the past ‘failure’ into future failure.

All you see is evidence of past failure and without intentional and consistent reprogramming, that is exactly what you are going to attract.

You must be ABSOLUTELLY 100% committed to the mindset work when you do sales and marketing in your business.

And so, the learning process is two-pronged:

1. The tactical and strategic learning.

Taking apart everything you are doing, treating it as a test, and debriefing every conversation, video, or live or workshop appearance. What worked, what didn’t work, what can’t be improved. You commit to mastery

2. The letting go & mindset work.

Letting go, consistently, religiously, day by day, of fear of failure, fear of poverty, fear of failing, it’s never going to work out’. I teach my clients a 4 step mindset practice that virtually turned them into unstoppable human beings and turns every failure into upgraded consciousness.


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