Quick video (Part 2 of 3): How to surface your beliefs so you can change them!

Uncategorized Nov 29, 2018

We all have bad memories from our pasts and painful experiences we’ve gone through, right? And most of us probably think that most of those have nothing to do with our lives now. But, as I showed you in the first video, our beliefs create our reality, so those things have EVERYTHING to do with our beliefs and what we’re manifesting!

I’m a big believer in coaching, and I’ve worked with some great life coaches who’ve taught me how to surface my beliefs so I can start working on them. And in this video, I’ll pass that process on to you:


Please take some time to do the steps in the video. I promise it will get you ready to really make some positive change, and in the final video I’ll teach you what comes next!


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