Quantum Leap Entrepreneur Becky

Uncategorized Mar 27, 2021
Your goals are closer than you think they are! I promise!
Becky's story is so common: working at a private practice and not able to align what she is worth with what she was bringing in. She was pouring into the world, doing good things but feeling so misaligned from her purpose. She was only able to invest the first two months for QLE and had so much fear that she was ready to step away from her coaching business forever after 5 years of trying. After attending The S.E.R.V.E. Method Retreat, she did not have a program nor a method nor a team and had to do it all herself, during the holidays.

She released herself from the outcome... and got TEN clients on her first retreat. From that, she paid off the entire year of QLE. "If I didn't get QLE for 10 more months, it'd still be worth it." 
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