Podcast Episode 43: Why Serving First Matters

Uncategorized Nov 09, 2020

Do you know how to get out of depression? It’s simple.

The opposite of depression is living your purpose. When you are off-purpose, your soul is saying to you ‘hello hello! You are off track!’

The problem is, instead of saying ‘hmm where am I off course’, we say ‘hmm I should do more self-care, take supplements and medications, or go to the gym’.

Here’s the thing though guys. While self-care and gym time is essential and I will talk about it in my book too, that is not why we came here.

You took a human form to do a few different things. In this week's podcast we'll get a little bit into the spiritual meaning of life and what that means in our business.

Join me for your dose of inspiration.


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