Podcast Ep. 64: The Big Lag And Why Your Business Is Months Behind You

Uncategorized Feb 11, 2021
One of my mentors once said on a live stream: “your business is always 3-6 months behind you."
This simple sentence lead to a major awakening.
Yep - there’s a lag.
I’m not failing. It’s just that my efforts have 3-6 months to materialize.
I was working hard consistently but NOT YET seeing the result.
We were testing Facebook ads hard, but NOT YET seeing the results (we had 2 leads a day coming through, and 95% of the registrations into our retreats were coming through from cold social media outreach - which we highly highly recommend, always, because as you know, if the people aren’t coming to you from your posts - no problem - take control into your hands and go get them).
We were then getting 300-500 registrations but our conversion rate was NOT YET where we wanted it to be. People were not signing up for consults with us - I was just not that great on camera.
We were sending a lot of DM’s and welcome messages in the group but we were struggling to get 1-2 consults a week on the calendar (now we have 10+ calls a day booked, 7-10 of those 5-minute connect calls to help us make better content, and 3-5 straight consults with interested potential clients).
We were producing a lot of content, a TON of videos, podcasts, articles, but we were not getting any feedback yet.
Here’s where consistency comes in: you’ve GOT TO DO THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AND OVER until you become good at it.
You gotta stick the Facebook ads out until, after ROUNDS of endless testing, you realize the one message that is attracting the perfect client.
You gotta stick the sales call out until you one day realize you know your ideal client so well you could paint their life for them before they even tell you.
You gotta stick out going live 'till you evolve into a teacher people start wanting to listen to.
So friends, if you KNOW you have things to teach, consider making CONSISTENCY as your top goal in 2021.
That means not doing 1 or 2 virtual retreats and then quitting. That means doing 6 of them (like we do) until you get REALLY good at teaching (and selling) on camera.
That means mastering lead gen to where you are registering not 50, not 100, but 500-1,000 people into your free event and EASILY doing 6-figure retreats.
And so on.
If you want to learn how we help people scale, please schedule a free consult here: bit.ly/strategyconversation.  You have myself, Melissa, and Jaye available to you. 


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