People are afraid if they do spiritual work they will lose their drive.

Uncategorized Dec 28, 2021

Well, they are right.


This year has been an insanely incredibly year. From emotional release to part work, trauma work, radical truth-telling, to sweat lodges and then kambo, ayahuasca & yage sittings (20 or 25x), and iboga.


People are like “you lost ya mind why you need to do all that, isn't one ceremony enough for you?”


I say “I wish, but the level of BS I was in the weeds with was pretty spectacular and the level of belief systems and attachments isn't something I can resolve in a single night, or a week, or a month.”


So back to your concern: "If I do this am I going to lose my drive?"


Your priorities might change.


Success might not mean as much to you.

Whether people like what you are saying or not might not mean as much to you.


My dreams before all this:

- grow a large company

- become a NYT bestselling author

- save a lot of money so I can do whatever Lexi and I want to do

- have the most possible experiences traveling all over the world

- lots of success

- lots of fun


Nothing wrong with this. Nothing wrong with blowing stuff up. All of these things might still happen…


but right now, what I am obsessed with is this: AUTHENTIC LIFE

- realign every part of my life with my soul 

- complete and perfect integrity (that's a pretty big process, as the level of self-deceit I have recently come to find is pretty challenging :D)

- heal as much as I possibly can in this lifetime, for myself and for the generations to come

- learn to live in alignment with mama earth, eventually, and yikes, I really love my air conditioning


And it's going to be a LONG process.


I recorded a podcast on this here:


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