Overwhelm attracts chaos

Uncategorized Sep 12, 2020

I saw a question online: ‘if you felt like your life was under control, everything around you was organized, your schedule was organized, kids schedule sorted like, what would it be like for you’. 

And one of the commenters said ‘wow, that would be so peaceful’. 

I snarked a little to myself, must I admit… knowing too well how I have operated in the past. I said ‘nope it wouldn’t, if you juice overwhelm now, you will juice it even if you hire an organizer.’ 

And it’s true. We, at some level, juice the emotion of overwhelm, disorganization, disasters and fires to put out and the adrenaline. 

We wouldn’t be doing it if we weren’t getting something out of it. 

But one tad too far, and we are f**ed. All hell breaks loose and things spin out of control. 

So.. here is what’s so: the OVERWHELM YOU HAVE ON THE INSIDE, will attract chaos on the outside, which will  again confirm the overwhelm on the inside, and so on. 

You want a way out of overwhelm? It’s INTENTION. 

Intention with every hour, every day, with everything you are doing.

Careful focus of where your thoughts go, and where you energy flows.

Where you are reacting, and not responding and letting everyone else run your calendar. 

Is this a thrilling ride and fun? Nope. You have to sacrifice the rollercoaster that you love to hate.

And… it’s training. Training your mind, day in, day out. 

It’s exercising the muscle of intentionality. It’s not trying it for a day and then failing and then letting life run you again. 

You see, you have let your life run you for most of your life, so it’s going to be a few weeks, and months, before you develop the muscle of intentionality with your attention and thoughts. 

Allow plenty of trialing and erroring. Don’t let this be an all or nothing experience.



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