Need for Security is Killing Your Business - Leaders Break Free Podcast Episode 137

You know what you should do to grow your business. 


  • Hire a VA (meaning spend cash)
  • Get a coach (meaning spend cash)
  • Invest in advertising (meaning spend cash)
  • Go be visible (threaten your sense of security altogether)
  • Ask for referrals (you are puking by now) 
  • Invite 50 people to be your clients (you just died). 


These things aren’t difficult to do. Nor do they require to have some crazy special skills. 


But there’s just too much resistance between you and doing that. None of it feels safe. 


Bad news and good news. 


You can’t get around doing these things (and people have been trying for ages). 


Good news, the need for safety and security that’s holding you back, is a thing that IS figureoutable. 

... meaning releasable. 

And even better news: if you release your need for safety, you will actually FEEL safer. 


I discuss more in this podcast episode:



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