My absolute top tools I use to automate my business

Uncategorized Nov 06, 2019

Do you struggle doing the same stuff over and over? Sending the same emails, doing follow-ups, entering details, writing newsletters, posting on Facebook... 

How about creating a business that does all those things without you? 

I see so many people shying away from setting up systems in their business, and spending SO MUCH TIME doing manual follow-ups, sending emails to onboard their clients manually, doing the back and forth to schedule a new client. 

But then… 

I hear things like…. “I am not a techie”. 

Or, “it takes so little time, I can just do it myself”

To be perfectly honest, I am not a techie either. In fact, I absolutely hate technology that is hard to use. 

So, in this 11 minute video, I am giving you a sneak peak into the my favorite tools that I use to make running my business easy! 

Let’s do it! 

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Link to Trello

Link to Kajabi

Link to Mailchimp

Link to Accuity 


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