Leaders Break Free Podcast - Episode 135 - Dissolving Resistance

You want MAGIC? Dissolve your resistance and here is how. 

You said you were going to do gratitude, exercise, do your morning routine, do your manifestation routine. 

Things were going REALLY well in your life... for about 3 weeks. 

Then something happened and you stopped. 

You turned it into a should. 

And you put a wall of resistance up. 

Every time you say “I need to do something,” you hit resistance. 

You don’t just do it with exercise though. 

You resist people too. Especially the people you love. They chew the wrong way or they are constantly interrupting you. 

You resist the things that your coaches tell you to do. It turns into a should. 

And you resist your FEELINGS, which means you are stuck with them. You are stuck with a slew of negativity. 

The great news is - that resistance is a FEELING that you can dissolve. You have INSTANT ACCESS to: 

  • Greater results in your business as you let go of resisting the things you need to do
  • Much more flow and ease in your life and feeling HAPPY! 


This is a MUST LISTEN. 

Tune in to the podcast here: 


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