It's Her Business Podcast 65: Your Scaling Strategy - 1x1 or Group Programs?

Uncategorized Feb 15, 2021

Should you focus on 1x1 or group programs?

  • “I really want to scale but I am really good at 1x1 and not so much the group stuff.”
  • “Okay, I want the group program but how will I gather a bunch of people at once to join a group program? And what if only one joins and they go ‘where’s everyone else?’"
  • “My group (or individual) program seems to be attracting the ‘victimized people’ and they drain my energy... what now?”
  • “I’m not confident enough for a group program but I know that’s where my heart is at.”
  • “I know my purpose is in 1x1 work.”

Hear all about this topic on this week's episode: 



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