Info Session on the Business Scaling Retreat - S.E.R.V.E. Method Profitlab

Uncategorized Sep 26, 2020
HUGE GIFT: We are offering a free brainstorm session: Design Your Signature Program!

Here’s the thing… in the Profitlab you will learn:
✔ DAY 1: Adopt the 5 pillars of the S.E.R.V.E. formula to scaling through service, purpose, and alignment in everything you do, including marketing and sales!
✔ DAY 2: Reverse-engineer your goals and map out what EXACTLY you need to do to reach $250k-$350k in revenue in 12 months!
✔ DAY 3: Design your signature set up: signature tribe, signature workshop, and signature program that will take you from zero to seven figures.
✔ DAY 4: Take control of your revenues, master our super-simple three-step process to get 250 people into your next event! (and double it each time)
✔ DAY 5: Master our 5 secrets your authentic presence on camera to unlock your conversion potential forever!
✔ Bonus Sessions: Experience the 5 crucial life-changing mindset shifts that will uncap your money mindset!

(If you are NOT registered, run and register now:

What you will NOT learn is what specifically is the RIGHT PROGRAM FOR YOU.

The good news is that we are experts at it. We have done this with people hundreds of times.

In a short 15-minute brainstorm session, we will help you nail:
  • What’s your signature program: 1x1 or online group program?
  • How long should it be?
  • Help you brainstorm a name
  • What you are going to be teaching/guiding your people through.
Here’s a link for you to sign up:

The times available are:
2-5pm MT on Tuesday the 29th with Iva
2-5pm MT on Wednesday the 30th with Jaye
2-5pm MT on Thursday the 1st with Selina

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