How To Make a Magical 2022 Plan - Leaders Break Free Podcast Episode 136

Most of us have accomplished something in the past and wound up not all that happy after it was done. 

That’s because what was creating the plan wasn’t your soul exactly. 

It was one of these things: 

  1. Need for safety (if I  make this much money, I’ll be happy)
  2. Need for approval and respect (If I have that many clients, I’ll be a respectable coach) 
  3. Need for control and certainty (If I can have all my ducks in a row, my 401k, my house, my kids, my business, all my clients are behaving the way they should, and my team members are performing, it’s all gonna be great) 

Now, don’t freak out. 

I’m not telling you to: 

  • Go broke because you don’t  care about your security at all 
  • Show up on camera with greasy hair 
  • Become lazy because you don’t need to control anything 

Quite the contrary. When I release my programs, I become FILLED with inspiration, creative energy, and my business MOVES FAST.

Listen to the podcast for more clarity here:


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