How Our Clients Launched Successfully with 4-10 New Clients & Tens of Thousands of $$$ in 1 Retreat

Uncategorized Mar 23, 2022


Is this you? đź‘€


Are you an introvert?
Do you have a podcast and Instagram following?
Yet trying to make this work for years?
Spending all of your time on Canva, creating content & updating your website?
Posting & running away?
Anxiety about not knowing what you’re talking about or being confident enough?
Doing all the things you think you should be doing?
Your mom was/is your first client?
Feel like you’re pulling teeth with prospective clients?
Trying to make your business sustainable?
Wanting to get your message out to a larger audience?
Ready to walk away from your business?

You’re not alone. 

This is exactly how our past program participants have felt.

Join a community
of other people who are also here to serve, grow successful businesses, and become leaders they know they are with major mindset shifts

Become braver & bolder in achieving your dreams.

Don’t take my word for it — watch our clients share their journeys above.


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