Hitting The Refresh Button

Uncategorized Feb 17, 2021

I wrote this piece of content last week. 

Why? I am on a phone-free 10-day vacation. 

That seems crazy considering:

  1. It’s covid 
  2. I have a 1-year-old 
  3. I am a single mom 
  4. I am in a hyper-growth phase in my business (our last month was almost $300k in sales) 

But how could I possibly do this without disconnecting and taking the time off? 

I couldn’t. 

My business cannot possibly grow without me disconnecting and getting the inspiration that I need. 

It is because I need to disconnect from the past patterns and thinking to recreate who I am every 8 weeks. 

Yes, every 8 weeks is how often I HAVE TO take time off.  

The more often you take time off and recreate who you are as a human being, the more often you can leap. 

Hypergrowth in your business is mindset work. 

You must hit the refresh button to speed up. 

Have you scheduled your next refresh week?


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