Here’s My Definition of Success - Leaders Break Free Podcast Episode 138

What’s the meaning of life? 

Here is what I was shown last week. 

We came here to get lost together. It’s by design. 

We forget we get lost, so we can start to remember again. 

How do you know you are lost? 

Here are a few examples: 

  • You don’t get excited by the same things that excited you yesterday
  • You think if you build a 7-figure business you will be happier than you are now 
  • You want to be liked by others 
  • You like to “feel on track” 
  • You want other things to make you happy (drugs, alcohol, going to the gym) 

So… you got lost. You forgot happiness is an inside job. You don’t know how to connect to your higher self. You don’t know how to feel love. 

That’s… SUCCESS too, in a way. 

Why? It’s what you came here to do! To get lost so you could find yourself and integrate at a higher level. 

So… congratulations! 

Now, if you are reading this, you probably are ready to take the next leap on your journey home. 

That is the next level of success. :) 

I discuss more in this podcast episode:



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