Habit #5 of 7 figure earners: long term mindset

Uncategorized Aug 22, 2020

Too many times I see entrepreneurs trying a tactic and giving up two weeks later.

This is how it goes: we fall for the shininess of the tool, we see some magical guru that’s generating a ton of results with that tool.

So we jump on, and 2 weeks later we’re like - oops that didn’t work.

I see entrepreneurs launching a meetup, only a few people come, and they give up.

I see entrepreneurs trying speaking, then do a couple speaking engagements, it doesn’t turn into clients, they give up.

I see entrepreneurs trying challenges, they get like 30 people to register, no results, they give up.

It’s a form of self sabotage. It’s half-assing everything, just ‘trying it out’, mastering nothing, giving nothing enough time, attention, persistence, and consistency for it to work, and they are off to the next flashy new object.

There’s one thing you gotta keep in mind: Your business is 3 - 6 months behind you.

What you did 3 -6 months ago, is what is showing up in your business now. What you are doing now, is very predictive of the results you are going to see 3 - 6 months from now.

Being a serious entrepreneur is about a long term mindset.

When you launch a podcast, it’s about doing at least a 100 episodes before you start making any judgments about it.

When you decide to start a group and go live, go live every single week for at least a year before you give up.

When you decide to do speaking, schedule at least 30 speaking engagements and increase your performance each time before you give up.

When you decide to do a facebook challenge, go FULL OUT and get the 350 registrations before you decide it’s not worth your time!

And on and on and on.

It almost doesn’t matter what tactic or platform you use, what’s more important that you have




The ENGAGEMENT and CONSTANT follow up with the people on there.

You’ve got to have a long term mindset. ANd this doesn’t just apply to marketing, this applies to EVERYTHING in your business.

When you have a great team member, are you investing time into their training? Are you spending time mentoring them so that they can be effective? Yes in the short term that means more cost to you, but what’s that investment worth in the long run??

When you are facing a bad month, do you keep investing into your team member or do you immediatelly go cut their hours in half? That right there tells the universe how much confidence and certainty you have in your success right there!

By you pulling out, you are communicating to the universe that you are really not committed.


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