Habit #2: Maintain positive mindset

Uncategorized Jul 25, 2020

It’s not just what you do, it’s the energy with which you do it.

When you write a piece of content, how you feel writing it and sending it- people gonna feel it. Including DM. You gotta be responsible for your mindset. Therefore, if you want to achieve results, you have to be working at high frequency.

This is probably the habit that was the most difficult for me to adopt but it is absolutely essential.

We must not juice our negativities. Many of you read the book ‘the big leap’ by Gay Hendricks where he talks about the self sabotage.

Many of us have a very specific self sabotage that we like to get into, and it’s called the ‘emotional rollercoaster’.

It’s drama.

It’s attaching to what I call the ‘safe problem’ that we can get all kinds of upset about so we don’t have to deal with the big thing that is in front of us.

Be it making a 10k program offer, or going live, inviting leads to sales conversations.

This is why people LOVE Trump. They love to hate. They can get justified in the dramatic rollercoaster of it.

Same thing with certain political topics.

Juicing our opinionation and positionalities, getting upset over things we can’t control. Staying up late at night, overthinking, texting such and such, and so on.

However, emotional drama and successful business do not go hand in hand.

Yes we are all human, and we all experience negative emotions, but you have to commit to healthy ways of dealing with them.


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