Habit #1 of 7 figure earners: Do the right things.

Uncategorized Jul 18, 2020

We all know This is about discipline.

This is about what we know to do, rather than what we feel like doing.

This is about doing the important things first, rather than checking the boxes and being ‘busy’ with stuff that doesn’t matter.

And yet… so many times I see entrepreneurs spending their time doing the wrong things that do not lead to growth, and generating revenue.

(... and then complaining about being too busy)

(not judging, been there too many times!)

Sometimes it’s lack of experience that leads to investing into efforts that we genuinely believe are going to produce the results - such as building courses or creating programs..

Sometimes it’s about giving away power to tools that we hope will generate income for us that are low emotional risk.. Like working on a website.

But after of doing what we call ‘building a business’ for a few months and doing busy tasks, we tend to wake up and realize ‘wow, it’s been months and I still don’t have a whole lot of revenue coming in.

SO. Are you actually doing the things that will produce what you really want? Bring you more clients?

Look at your calendar.
Look at your day by day activities, and really look at where your time is going.
Audit yourself.
Are you prioritizing the activities that will lead to results?

Are you on the phone day by day with your potential clients?

Are you booking speaking engagements consistently?

Are you showing up live on all your platforms every week?

Are you constantly nurturing leads and inviting them into discovery sessions?

Are you constantly inviting people into your tribe?

… probably not. If you were, you wouldn’t need to be reading this.

Why not? Because it’s uncomfortable.

Reaching out to 200 people every day first thing in the morning and inviting them to your next free live event is uncomfortable.

Making a 10k offer to someone to work with you is…. Uncomfortable.

Going live 12 times a month in your group when you are dealing the world around you falling apart is beyond uncomfortable.

But THIS...is the difference between those who succeed and those who don’t. Those who do, constantly do things that are uncomfortable.

I love writing this book and recording podcasts. I love playing with design on Canva. I love recording new modules for the Quantum Leap Entrepreneur. And those things need to be done, but they all fall into the ‘content creation bucket’, which is 20% of my time or less.

It is, straight up, your WILLINGNESS to do the things you are uncomfortable doing first thing in a day.

Not for a week and then give up. Not even for a month and then give up.

It is the willingness to push yourself to be in extreme discomfort all the time.

Every single day, day in day out, week after week, month after month.

The stuff that we love doing is not necessarily the stuff that is going to allow us to fulfill the results that we want to see. The things that are crucial to our success, are very often, not comfortable at all.

So self-accountability and complete self honesty, looking at how I am spending my time, is going to be crucial, and so is detailed planning of your actions.

So now let’s take a hard look on this. If you are looking to grow your business, you absolutely MUST be putting these things on your calendar:
Being visible… all the time. Every single week you should be on camera in your group, on your personal page, live on your platforms, in your meetup group, or doing speaking engagements.

Talking to prospects. Every single week you should be nurturing your leads, talking to prospects, scheduling consults on your calendar. There should be sales happening every single day in your company.
Lead generation - meeting new people and beginning the process with them. EVERY SINGLE DAY 1 hour
Lead nurture - every single day 2 hours! Nurture through great content in front of them (not recording somewhere in a vacuum and preparing - this is the camera time, and connecting with them and building and deepening your relationships. In the online world, you have to do even more connecting because people do not work with people they don’t know, you gotta build intimacy - not be an ‘internet person who’s messaging them’. Set up connects, get to know them.
Lead conversion - every single day you need to be inviting people into consults and having consults


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