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Uncategorized Oct 08, 2017

I just had one of those super amazing and spectacular mornings that set my entire day for success and decided I want to share about it.

I’ll preface this with what how my default goes and what I typically do left to my own designs:
I will go to bed later than I want to (like 1 or 2 hours later), wake up 2 hours later than I want to after hitting the snooze button 2 or 3 times, then check Facebook and email while I’m still in bed. Then I'll lie in bed for another 10 minutes worrying about my day and whatever the latest drama is in my life.  I get up at the absolute last minute to shower as fast as i can, brush my teeth, throw on some clothes without much consideration, tie my hair into a messy wavy not so elegant ponytail, do my makeup in the car at the stop lights, leave my living space totally messy, then on the way down to Boulder realize I forgot my planner and my phone charger, go back to my house, and feel totally rushed, stressed out, unintentional and frustrated. Then I’ll be late to virtually every meeting I have set up, and wind up busy all day doing busy work, and nothing important will get accomplished. At some point in the morning I’ll realize I’m hungry, and pick up a rice and bean burrito from the gas station, and feel totally guilty for doing that because I KNOW I will get acne and a stomach ache as a result,  and blame gas stations for feeding people with all sorts of awful stuff instead of having fresh pastured and organic paleo food that matches my budget of like nothing.

Oh I’m not even talking about exercise here. Most of the time it just does not happen. I wind up saying stuff to myself like - I’ll do it later, maybe I can just go for a hike during the sunset instead, or I’ll do randomly 100 squats at some point during the day and pushups middle of the day.

I had lived my life like this for a long time. It sort-of-kind-of works when I do that. I still have my restaurant, make a little bit of money here and there, I have about 10 or 15 extra pounds, but the fact that I eat at the restaurant at least one meal a day is my saving grace and even with no exercise I generally keep my weight and am pretty healthy, and I’m driven enough in my nature  to get some things done even if I’m not terribly intentional about it.

Now what’s totally not present for me ever as my default is any sense of pride, accomplishment, self love, excitement, intentionality, and badassery altogether… and any sense of AH. Instead - what’s in my head is a bundle of a lot less than joy in the form of constant guilt, feeling unaccomplished, lazy and rushed at the same time, and a lot of shame knowing I am so much bigger than the game I’m currently playing in life.

So this whole thing kind of hit me over the head recently and I realized I gotta create something new, and it has to do with SELF LOVE. I give myself an UNREASONABLE amount of time in the morning to do what I need to do. I give myself 2.5 - 3 hours. I started getting up 2 hours early and going to bed 2 hours early to make it happen. You would be surprised how easy it is, when you just stop procrastinating about your bedtime. And here’s a thing, I own and operate a restaurant, I volunteer, coach and assist about 25 hours a week including commute time, and I love to spend unreasonable amounts of time with my friends and on the phone with my family. So it’s not like it’s a ‘wise’ thing for me to add 3 hours in the morning of time. So here I am, getting up at 6.15 instead of 8.30.

Want to know how to make it work and see the benefits of unreasonable self love in your life? Here's 4 easy steps:
1. Go to bed SIGNIFICANTLY earlier. Be unreasonable about it. And start tonight. It does not work to get 5 hours of sleep a night and then expect to build the life that you want completely sleep deprived. And by the way, sleep deprivation also spikes your cortisol level which makes you very, very unhealthy and makes it hard to maintain or lose weight. If you want to be healthy, never, ever, ever, EVER, compromise on your sleep. Get whatever amount of sleep you need to be fully alert and alive.
2. Wake up SIGNIFICANTLY earlier. Do not hit the snooze button. Do not check your Facebook or anything on your phone until you have completed the entire design of your morning routine.
3. Be a BADASS CREATIVE WITH YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES. Work with what you got. Single and plenty of room and space to yourself? Great! Then you have it easy. Now if you have kids, partner, you are going to have to develop yourself as a total creative badass in making your life happen and a total leader in your morning. You can totally create running around the house with them. Or having a snuggle time or coffee with your partner as part of your routine. Or making requests of your partner for space for your meditation. It’s going to require you being a self loving stand for yourself.
4. Give yourself UNREASONABLE amount of time and attention. Trust me, it’s going to pay back.
Here’s my recent morning routine:
6.15 am - I get up. No snooze button. I make my bed. I never used to do this as it’s completely redundant, but for whatever reason it so works and makes a huge difference. I turn on the coffee maker and I already have fresh coffee grounds and water in it ready to go from the previous night. It’s kind of cool, that little detail really makes a difference that morning. I grab a cup of coffee, put on a robe and go outside with my phone. I am lucky enough to live on the mountain facing the sunset and looking down on Boulder.
6.20 - 7 or 7.20 - I meditate. I used to barely get through 5 minutes of meditation, but currently I am on a project inspired by Joe Dispenza’s book - ‘Breaking the habit of being yourself’, and doing his guided meditations. This stuff is super cool. I’ll make a whole blog post about it but basically I’m not just meditating for the sake of meditating, I am working on creating new neural pathways and take on new, courageous, positive, alive ways of being and disconnecting the old - fearful, procrastinating, busy habits.
7.20 - 8 - work out, including transitions and driving (that leaves me maybe with 20 - 25  minutes of actually working out). See I don’t workout a lot currently, as fitness goals aren't a huge priority, but I still want the aliveness and energy that working out gives me and I also want to maintain a baseline level of health.  Right now I alternate between doing lifting and bodyweight stuff with hiking and mild trail running. And, I always listen to an audiobook while doing it. Always, always, always. I want to feed my brain awesome uplifting stuff. No news (and no guilt about it), no Facebook, just inspiring and motivating awesomeness. I do a MINIMUM of one hour of audiobooks a day, any time I am driving or hiking.
8  - 8.25 -  shower. I have a bluetooth portable speaker that I take to shower with me and keep listening to my tapes as I shower and brush my teeth and do my make up.
8.30 - 8.50 - I sit in front of my house, with a mix of sitting in my gratitude and marvelling how frickin lucky I am to have that view in the sun, with a cup of coffee which I absolutely love, and I start planning my day and my intentions
  • All the areas of life that are important to me and what sort of action I need to take on them (3 per each area usually). To do that, you gotta look at your life and what’s important to you, where do you want to make progress? What’s your vision? Who do you want to be? But I may make another blog post about that separately. For now, look at your health and fitness, your finances, your job and career, your family and relationships, or getting into one, your continuing education and personal development, etc.

  • Every area that I am out of integrity. Unpaid bill, trash to be taken out, everything.

Your routine could be entirely different, based on what empowers YOU and what lights YOU up. Maybe you don’t meditate or do yoga, but you enjoy treating yourself with delicious, healthy breakfast. You can play with it and tweak it until you find something that sets you up for the most amazing and successful day.

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