Get Out Of Confusion About The Lows In Your Business…

Uncategorized Sep 01, 2021

Warning: long post but there is a treasure chest at the end  - I promise. 

So about the business….

I just sat through about 20 laser coaching sessions for one of our business cohorts. Many go like this:

“I need help with my ___(marketing/launch/lead gen).”

“What's wrong with your ______?”

“It was delivering results and I was making a lot of money and then all of a suffer it stopped. So I doubled down did more, still no results. I don't know what else to try.”


Get this and you get the said treasure chest:

Everything is happening for you, to help you move towards your true FREEDOM.

… and connection back with your SOUL.

Sadly, we don't get to joy and freedom by becoming a more perfect version of the ego.

Nor do you get there by doubling down.

When you aren't getting the results you were once getting, it means the universe is gently nudging and saying:

“Shed that skin - it's time!!!”

But you say:

“I don't have time for this! I need to make more money in my business NOW and then I will do the spiritual work.”

(but… this isn't the first time you put yourself last, so….)

I am a decent business strategist, but I cannot outsmart divinity that's trying to help you.

When old MO stops working, it's time to shed the ego.

There is divinity in everything that's happening in your business to show you which parts of the ego.

When you get a no-sale launch, observe how you act, how you feel, where your mind goes.

Do you perfect more? Control more? Get more diligent? Withdraw? Hide? Fear the next disappointment?

When you get a difficult message from a client, watch.

When your advertising cost is climbing, watch.

When your prospects don't show up on a call, watch.

Pay attention every day. Be aware. Observe yourself.

In the past 4 weeks, I shed about 10 or 15 different snake skins.

I shed the narcissist in me that didn't care about serving people; just making money.

I shed the seeker who could not stop looking for the next thing and the next thing. Always planning.

I shed the one who could not dance unless someone was watching. The one who needed 24/7 validation.

I shed the consumed one who was convinced if I stop for a week, I will give up altogether.

And so on.

Every time I did, I felt 100lbs lighter.

It sort of became addictive. All I want now is to let go of more attachments.

But each identity was a grapple and required a major purge.

Important: NEVER shed them by exiling them or criticizing them. In the end, I shed them by recognizing, acknowledging, respecting, and thanking them for their service.

Condemn NO PART of you. 

How do you know you are self-condemning?

When you say “I have all these bad emotions; I wish they would all just go away.”

They need your love and acknowledgment, not exile.

So back to business. What's being asked of you? What's required of you? It's holding up a mirror in a very self-loving inquiry.

That's how you get past your stagnating business and win your freedom and joy back in the process.

Thanks for reading this. I appreciate you!


P.S.: Our next free retreat is for business coaches/consultants/similar ONLY. I am feeling the need to pass on what I learned. It’s happening in 12 days on September 13.  My intention is literally to bring you to freedom in how you run your business. If my stuff resonates with you, join us in this group and put ‘Iva’s blog’ as a referral. 


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