From $2.5k Month To $250k Month In 18 Months - What It Takes

Uncategorized Feb 19, 2021

If you told me I would be writing this today I would call you crazy. 

EXCEPT NOT. I knew this was going to happen because I reverse-engineered it. I even booked a PR company ahead of time and designed the headline long before it would manifest: 

“This single mom goes from Medicaid to a 7-figure empire” 

I would just never admit to it publicly because I was in the process of letting go of a lot of shame around money. 

I cannot tell you how incredibly thankful I am for this journey and I want to continue sharing what worked and what did not work so you can live in the world of abundance and create the same for you and your family while serving others. 

So what it boils down to is WHY we were able to grow so fast. Here are some things I think were super important. 

  1. I hired a coach. To be specific, a team of coaches. Even when I was making nothing, and even when her team cost me triple my rent. I invested close to $50k in the past 12 months into coaching alone. My coaches are amazing and I will totally refer you, comment below and I’ll get you an introduction to the programs. I was terrified out-of-my-mind making those investments. It was EXTREMELY difficult emotionally and I did it anyway. 

  2. I developed a lot of confidence by going on camera and teaching… A LOT. Like, several times a week going live and teaching. Serving, delivering value, all the time. I didn’t negotiate with myself and cut my events short. I didn’t skip my weekly shows, even if no one was watching; I was practicing my teaching skills on camera and getting good at delivering content. Many times we had 1-2 people watching and I was okay with that. 

  3. I made incremental learnings and improvements daily. I am 10 times better business coach than I was a year ago. I am fanatical about getting my clients the results so I got obsessed with teaching the best strategies, best tactics, best ways to teach, and obsessed with my clients’ problems and learning how to solve them.

    This included LOTS of prayers when I didn’t have the answers for my clients.

    This included HOURS of triple-speeding endless courses and videos to download the best strategies in the market.

    This included talking to my colleagues and sharing endless ideas of what’s working and what’s not.

    This included spiritual retreats where I would slow down to get to my inner guidance and surrender resistance and blocks that were getting in the way of my clients’ success. 

  4. I stayed consistent with lead gen and lead nurture. Every week for 10 months, Monday through Friday, with exceptions that I could count on the fingers, on one hand, I logged on for an hour and 15 minutes a day to do organic lead gen and fill our retreats, until I didn’t have to because I had my team doing it. You literally can’t grow your business without prospects.

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