Feel Bad Now :)

Stop trying to FEEL BETTER.
Do the opposite. FEEL BAD NOW. đź™‚
If you have been trying to make your anxiety go away, BE ANXIOUS NOW. Be really anxious for 10 minutes.
If you have been trying not to worry, REALLY WORRY. Set your timer and worry like crazy for 5.
If you have been managing your anger, BE REALLY ANGRY NOW.
If you have been suppressing your overwhelm, FREAK OUT NOW.
(Just make sure you are alone in the room, hee hee.)
I promise it will be the best thing you will have done in a long time for yourself.
I have realized that I have spent a lifetime trying to make myself feel better.
Anything I could do to avoid the difficult emotions.
The landmark. The Hoffman. The EFT. The aromatherapy. The journaling. Meditation. Yoga. Aura surgery. Chakra cleanup. Alien surgery. Neuroplasticity. Talking to mediums. Angel cards. Crystals. Going paleo. Going organic. Muscle testing. The Sedona method. 300 books on self-help on audible (yes!). Breathwork. Toning. Iboga. Ayahuasca. More workshops. More books. And on and on and on.
But that is not the ONLY thing I did!!
I visited over 30 countries in search of feeling better.
I climbed the corporate ladders (only to feel completely trapped in the cubicle.)
Opened restaurants just so I could be in the energy of the restaurant (only to absolutely hate being a restaurant owner.)
I searched for the right guy that would 'bring up the best in me' (lol, code of "please make me feel better.")
Anything I could do to RUN FROM THE LOWS and TOWARDS THE HIGHS.
We always end up where we were.
Sooner or later you will realize that when it comes to feelings,
You can't run from them.
You can't control them.
You can't figure them out.
All you do is bandaid them.
Feelings are sensations.
Instead of making up stories about it and our life to avoid it...run to them.
This is the part that we hate so much: THE ONLY WAY OUT IS THROUGH.
The only way to be FREE is to be WILLING to feel it.
It's SO SIMPLE. Just feel.
Not think.
Not figure out.
Not manage.
Within 5 minutes you will have the next piece of freedom you were searching for and the biggest insight of the month.
Please just try it. That's all you gotta do for 5 minutes is to put your attention on that sensation and hold that attention and not let go.
It's 5, 10, maybe 25 minutes of your time at the most to burn through it all, versus MONTHS in mental gymnastics and struggling with difficult emotion.
And sooner or later you will start realizing... hmmm yeah it's just sensations.
I'm not my sensations.

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