Podcast Episode 15: How to create inspiring content

Uncategorized Mar 16, 2020

I preach systems all the time. Content batching, content repurposing, working with VA’s, hiring a team, automation, and so on so forth.

There is one pitfall, though, you don’t want to fall into.


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I recently found this out the hard way. Every time content creation turns into a task on my to-do list, a chore, it falls flat.

If I am not inspired and not sharing from the heart, it falls flat. No one takes action on anything I invite them to do, my unsubscribe rates go up.

If I am not inspired, no one else is.

If we are not inspired, we aren’t going to inspire anybody else.

I can’t give you a specific recipe on how to live an inspired life, because that inspiration comes from your higher self.

But I CAN tell you that if you are overworked, knocking out 18 content pieces at once without any inspiration, and just following templates, it is going to fall flat.

I give templates to my clients for emails but I always tell them.. MAKE IT YOUR OWN. Get yourself in a state of inspiration. Speak from the heart. Intend to make a difference with the person you are writing or recording it for.

Here’s the 3 things YOU can do to let inspiration flowing:

Take a solo road trip.

Reserve one day of the week as the ‘inspiration day’. Take a trip, drive by yourself, book a cheap hotel, indulge in free flow creation.

Yesterday I took a day trip to the Sand dunes national park. Driving on the windy mountain roads with no goals, nothing to do, forces my mind to go into a day-dreaming mode.

Yesterday I realized how much I really missed my nomadic lifestyle, being on the road, and exploring, and a very concrete idea was formed how I could make it happen even with a newborn or toddler. A young babysitter eager to explore the world, I could get a co-pilot, help with babysitting in exchange for free travel around the country and mentorship. If they are good, they could even help with social selling and make some money on the way. It would be ideal role for someone who is starting their online business, wants to learn how to do it, and wants to not have any expenses (rent, utilities) for a while.

Listen to audiobooks and podcasts

Get inspiration wherever you can get it. I have listened to probably close to 250 audiobooks and I get inspiration wherever I can get it. It’s our job to FLOOD our heads with inspiration and continuously learn anything and everything we can about our business.

Surround yourself with inspiring company

This is so so so key. The people you hang out with is so important guys. I recently realized that I wasn’t being surrounded by many inspiring people. I moved to Pueblo and I was not surrounded by people I wanted to be like.


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