Don’t waste time or money on your website!

Uncategorized Nov 10, 2018

I want everyone to succeed in business. I want you in action, speaking, being a thought leader, changing the world, making an impact.

You know what drives me absolutely crazy?

When I ask someone, "Hey, how’s business going these days? What are you up to? Any new projects?”

And the answer is: “I AM WORKING ON MY WEBSITE."

Why? Because it doesn’t take that long at all. Good enough is good enough.

Here are the biggest mistakes to avoid:

Mistake #1: Hire a web developer and designer and spend a ton of money on your fancy website BEFORE YOU MAKE YOUR FIRST 50k.

Mistake #2: Try to figure out Wordpress yourself and research all the plugins.

Mistake #3: Spend more than ONE DAY on your website.

Mistake #4: Make your website before you figure out what your brand is. (Hint, you’ll be remaking the whole thing before you know it.)

So here’s a video I made about how to make your website in 3 hours! Let’s do this!


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