Coronavirus: Why you need to be launching programs, not courses

Uncategorized Mar 26, 2020

The economy is tanking by the hour. May businesses are letting people go, 20% people are predicted to lose their jobs, many brick and mortar business owners need to rethink their strategy rapidly or lose their business.


As I predicted, Walmart announced hiring 100,000 employees and Amazon 150,000 employees, Zoom, Google, and other internet related services are adding a ton of employees as well! So is the medical sector.

They understand what’s going on and they understand this is a giant opportunity to serve people as they need to be served. Home deliveries, pick-up, internet services.

I will be leading you, this whole year, through a rapid growth through SERVING PEOPLE where they need to be served.

Here’s what’s so:

Texas just reported high child abuse cases as a result of coronavirus related stress.

Yes that’s an extreme case, but let’s be honest: you shut families in a house together after 24/7 and you expect perfection?

Exactly. So question for you coaches: how are YOU supporting these parents who are now in deep shame and helping those families heal?

This is the time for global transformation, led by YOU.

I have been saying this multiple times every single day, but you and your business have a responsibility to step up to the plate, lead and serve.

Many of my empath clients and friends are struggling with the impact of the collective fear and on an emotional rollercoaster.

Seriously, I have had more people in tears during coaching sessions over the past seven days than in the entire past year. The collective ego is getting to everyone and stuff is coming up for processing and transformation.

How are YOU serving these folks and helping them create a transformation in the midst of this?

Many small business owners are lost in a poor mindset, not sure how to tweak their brand and message, not understanding that the amount of entrepreneurs in the economy that need to be supported through the early stages is multiplying by the day.

How are YOU serving those people and helping them with their message, social media, brand, mindset, strategy, presence on camera, social media networking and on and on and on???

Last night, I addressed this, and I addressed the many reasons why building a course is NOT the way to go unless you are an online marketer.

People need to be served and supported by YOU, the leader, in real time.

Watch the replay here:


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