Bonus Ep.: Strategy through coronavirus and recession

Uncategorized Mar 23, 2020

I've got a bonus podcast episode for you: Strategy through coronavirus and recession!

This is the time for global transformation, led by YOU.

I have been saying this multiple times every single day, but you and your business have a responsibility to step up to the plate, lead and serve.

Many of my empath clients and friends are struggling with the impact of the collective fear and on an emotional rollercoaster.

Many small business owners are lost in a poor mindset, not sure how to tweak their brand and message, not understanding that the amount of entrepreneurs in the economy that need to be supported through the early stages is multiplying by the day.

Families are stuck at home together, more and more stressed out by the day and not knowing how to deal with each other in a healthy way.

How are YOU serving people and helping them with the ways their needs have changed during all of this?

There are two types of entrepreneurs: the kind who give into fear and pull back, stop investing, and struggle or crumble under the pressure, and the kind who show up and lead, pivot to take everything virtual and change their strategies to serve their people.

Find out more on my today’s podcast on this here:  


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