Being The Superwoman

Uncategorized Apr 22, 2021

I always said I was not a perfectionist and that was my strong suit. 

I can get an email out in 5 minutes to my list, and go live with almost no preparation. 

Except there’s one shade of perfectionism that I saw last week: The Superwoman. 

Always trying to look like a success story.

Perhaps I’m not the only one? 

When I looked this thing in the eye, I saw that I was TERRIFIED of looking weak. 

I was terrified of being humiliated. 

Building an 8-figure business is no joke at times. 

I had a team member last week send me an incredible message of excitement and gratitude... and 3 days later a message “I am overwhelmed and I quit” (- all this while we were on vacation). 

Instead of seeing it for what it was, I went into deep anxiety. “Here I teach people on how to lead a team, and yet, I had someone quit after barely 2 months with us.” I did not want people to know that really, I have no idea what I’m doing dealing with humans at times. They are unpredictable. 

I had a client request a refund because “she could not participate in the first week and she’s just here to try it out and it doesn’t work for her because of job and blahblahblah.”  I didn’t want people to know because it made me look like a failure. 

I had a client do their first retreat, have tons and tons of people watching, and walk away with no clients at the end. I think I was more heartbroken than she was, but I didn’t want people to know, because I felt it was my fault. I was on vacation while she was doing her retreat. 

I myself had a retreat where I had zero sales into our group program, just private coaching at the time. I didn’t want people to know because it made me look weak, and a failure as a business coach. 

I am sharing this because pride is the poison of a growing business. 

Pride is at 185. Trying to look good and successful, and avoiding looking bad, is going to drive your business down.


And then, I realized how out of integrity it was, when I tell people every day “hey, failure is a daily part of business” and really, I’m trying to make it look like we are just succeeding 100% of the time. 

It’s the superwoman’s ego. It’s an identity. 

We feel that if others see our struggles and failures, we are vulnerable. If we are vulnerable, we are not safe.

Question it. Don’t buy into it. 

Here’s the bottom line. 

When you have more than 50 clients, YES, you will have clients that will say “you oversold me your program and I hate it and I want a refund.” 

You will have clients who decide to not do the work and then not want to pay you (and they will get manipulative about it). 

Yes, you will have employees walk out and even tell you nasty things about what an awful boss you are (which hasn’t happened in current business, but you betcha I have heard it all in the past). 

You will have clients who are doing all the work and still not getting the results, and you will have to give up your expectation of what “the right result” really is. (We all get exactly what we need in that moment as a result…. a.k.a. surrendering things to God.) 

“Looking good” and trying to look successful is going to make the journey a lot tougher than it needs to be.


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