Are you sabotaging yourself in business?

Uncategorized Mar 15, 2020

The game of self sabotage is real. It shows up whenever we are about to to past a ceiling... in love, joy, attitude, business..

The ego doesn’t want us to reach our full potential.

Why are we here... to transcend levels of consciousness, let go of the ego, reach our full potential, and serve others and God.

The mind isn’t all about it.

My go-to self sabotage is through emotional pain, mostly. Get upset.

I see people around me do it through injuries, ‘accidents’, guilt... and therefore sickness..

And.. obsessing over safe problems so we don't have to look at the real game.

Case in point. A while ago I spent endless amount of energy trying to figure out a ride to a hospital if I wanted to deliver in Boulder.

Okay. Worse case scenario, it’s a $167 via Uber. Not great..

But the energy I put into it, used wisely, realistically could have created a $5k - $10k income with it.. while making a whole lotta positive difference, and feeling a lot more joy..

Moving on. 🙂

Let’s invest our energy into what matters.


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