Are you juicing ‘getting overwhelmed’?

Uncategorized Feb 09, 2020

I wrote this when I was a bit shy of 37 weeks pregnant, with a breech baby that was ready to come out..

It takes a lot for me to be truly overwhelmed. I ran two restaurants
in two different states, while doing coaching training and volunteering up to 30 hours a week.

But, on this particular day, pregnant, tired, I allowed myself to go into a total state of overwhelm.

It could be more described as an overwhelming urge, craving, for everything to be done and ready perfectly before the baby arrives…

You know the urge.

Do more, in less time, more perfectly… to make sure everyone and everything is taken care off.. Check of everything on the list.. Can you feel it?

On this day…
We had just launched a year long program.
There was the curriculum to prepare.
Line up substitute business coaches for the time I am gone.
Line up all content for my existing channels.
Take care of all existing and new clients.

And.. I don’t even have a doctor in Boulder to do my c-section.
Baby stuff not ready.
Laundry not done.
Frozen food not ready for postpartum.

Good reasons for overwhelm.

Maybe, maybe not. If the ego wants to be overwhelmed, it will create overwhelming situations.. And overwhelming circumstances.

It will crave more to do that it is possible to do, on falsely imposed impossibly short time frames.
It will invite and employ the perfectionist for help.

Not only does it all have to be done, and now, it also has to be done more perfectly than ever before.

We REALLY have to be ready for this baby to come.

One thing to remember:


It’s a programmed pattern.

What’s the pay-off?

(and why do I ask? I wouldn’t be doing it if I wasn’t getting something out of it, now, would I.. )

There is a very special juice that we get out of these stressed out states of overwhelm.

So, we always have to remember….

Feeling overwhelmed, rushed, and stressed, is an ADDICTION. It’s a juice. We will create a stressed out life if we are addicted to this.

We need to let go of this addiction and apply our methods (for me, the 9 step transformation and letting go method I developed for me and my clients, but whatever the cure is for you is fine!)

Overwhelm isn’t OUT THERE. It’s IN HERE.

No amount of bubble baths is going to fix this. More likely, ist’s just going to make you more stressed about what you are NOT doing, if you don’t emotionally process the JUICE of the overwhelm.

Happy letting go friends…



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